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Customer Portal Overview

Learn how your customers can access their bookings and what actions they can take

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What is the Customer Portal

The Customer Portal was designed to streamline how customers can access and manage their bookings in one place.

To access it, they need to ensure they create an account when they make a booking (if they didn't create an account when making a booking, they can request a password reset to create the account later).

How customers access it

Your customers can access the portal in a few ways:

  1. Directly from their booking confirmation email

  2. Logging in directly from your page

1. Booking confirmation email

Customers can access the portal directly through their booking confirmation email by selecting View booking within the email:

This directs them straight to the portal:

2. Logging in directly from your page

The login option is located in the top right-hand corner of your public page:

When selected, they can log in by filling out their email address and password before selecting Log in:

3. Logging in directly from our main marketing page:

The login option is located in the top right-hand corner of the page:

Once selected, a window pops open. They need to ensure they choose Booker Account, where they can fill out their email address and password, then select Log in:

What customers can do within the portal

The portal has four main sections:

1. Events

Customers can view their upcoming, cancelled and past bookings, as well as any waiting lists they've joined, by toggling between the options:


Under the upcoming tab, customers can select Manage to manage their booking:

This allows them to transfer/cancel their ticket (depending on your settings).

Transfer ticket

When they select Transfer ticket, their first option is to choose the event they wish to transfer to:

Then select the ticket they'd like to transfer to:

And finally, they have an opportunity to review their transfer details, before selecting Confirm to action the transfer:

Cancel ticket

When they select Cancel ticket, a pop-up appears for them to confirm the cancellation. If they'd like to proceed, they can select Confirm.

Customers can also select Options to review the event and order details, booking form responses, find your information and book again.

The Book again option redirects them to the public page where they booked the ticket.


The past events show whether the event was cancelled, their attendance status and who they attended with (any highlighted names with a person icon next to them indicate a child attendee):

πŸ’‘ Please note:

  • We automatically mark the attendees as attended if you have the attendance tracking feature on your account but still need to mark their attendance).

  • If you do not currently have the attendance tracking feature on your account, the status will show as Booked:

They can also use the Book again button to visit your public page to rebook, and the Options drop-down menu to review the event and order details, booking form field responses and your contact information.

Waiting list

Under the Waiting list tab, they can select Options to open the event details and the option to leave the list.

2. Memberships

If you offer a membership option (on the Standard plan and above), your members can use this section to manage their subscriptions by viewing their active and inactive memberships.

They can select the three dots next to their membership to view their invoices, update card details and cancel their membership:

3. Passes

If you offer a pass option to your customers (on the Standard plan and above), your customers can use this section to view their active and inactive pass details.

When they select the View details hyperlink, they can review the details associated with each pass, for example, the purchase date, how many uses the pass includes/they have remaining and what page/events the pass can be redeemed against:

4. Vouchers

If you offer a voucher option to your customers (on the Standard plan and above), your customers can use this section to review any purchased vouchers and associated details, such as the voucher information.

Managing their account

Customers can manage their account by selecting the person icon πŸ‘€ in the top right-hand corner:

Within their account, they can update their email, change their password and delete their account:

πŸ’‘ Please note: When customers delete their accounts, this will remove their data from their bookings on your account. However, the booking data will remain intact for reporting purposes.

Helpful Customer Portal articles

There are a few articles that you can send to your customers to help them navigate the portal.

πŸ’¬ Any questions or feedback? There are two ways to get in touch:

Thank you! πŸ•Ί

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