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Learn how to create and manage your voucher offers

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✨ Please note: Vouchers are only available on the Standard plan or above. Not on the Standard plan? View our voucher workaround.

Offering vouchers to your customers is a great way to increase sales whilst allowing customers to gift an event without purchasing a specific ticket.

This article covers:

How to set up a voucher

πŸ’‘ Vouchers require an active payment provider on your account (Stripe, PayPal or WorldPay). You cannot take offline payments for vouchers.

Once you've set up and activated your payment provider, select Packages & Discounts from the left-hand menu, then Vouchers. From here, select Create a new voucher:

1. Name your voucher

You can name your voucher in the Name field:

This name appears to your customers on your public page for purchase and on the voucher that they receive via email.

2. Description

Add a description to your voucher:

πŸ’‘ Important information to include:

  • Add the details of the terms and conditions

  • Add how the customer can redeem the voucher, i.e. which schedule page (if you have multiple pages).

3. Voucher value

Add the voucher value under Amount:

πŸ’‘ Please note: The minimum amount you can enter is Β£1.

4. Restrictions

Select which pages you'd like your voucher to be available on for purchase and redemption by checking/unchecking the relevant boxes:

If a voucher is purchased on one schedule page, it will be available to use on all schedule pages selected within these settings.

πŸ’‘ Please note: Vouchers do not automatically apply to any new schedule pages that you add or duplicate. Please be sure to double-check your settings when/if you add a new page to your account.

5. Validity period

Add the voucher validity. You can choose two options: set period or forever:

  • Set period from purchase means you can add a set amount of days/weeks/months/years. Add the number into the blank field and select the desired length from the drop-down menu.

  • Forever means the voucher never expires.

πŸ’‘ Please note: Legal criteria for vouchers vary from country to country. Please check the consumer rights for your country/area to ensure you are within the law. For example, those in Ireland need a minimum of 5 years expiry.

6. Availability

In this section, you can add how many vouchers you'd like to sell in the Number available field:

πŸ’‘ Leave blank for no restriction.

You can also restrict when the voucher will be available for purchase by adding an 'available from' date and an 'available until' date by selecting Set date and choosing the date from the calendar pop-up:

Once you're ready to create the voucher, select Create voucher:

Editing a voucher

To edit a voucher, select Packages & Discounts from the left-hand menu, then Vouchers. From here, select View next to the voucher you'd like to edit:

From here, select Edit details:

You can edit the description, the schedule page the voucher is available on, how many vouchers are available to purchase and availability restrictions.

πŸ’‘ Please note:

  • You cannot edit the name, price or validity after you create the voucher.

Publishing/unpublishing a voucher

You can publish/unpublish a voucher using the Published toggle in the top right-hand corner of the voucher setup:

Unpublishing a voucher means the voucher will no longer appear on your public page for new customers to purchase, but existing voucher holders can still redeem their vouchers.

Re-ordering vouchers

You can re-order your vouchers by selecting Options then Reorder vouchers:

Then use the handle to drag and drop the vouchers in your required order:

Select Save order when you are ready to save your changes.

πŸ’‘ This re-orders the vouchers both in the editing view and public page view.

Managing purchased vouchers

To manage your purchased vouchers, select Packages & Discounts from the left-hand menu, then Vouchers. From here, select View next to the voucher you'd like to manage:

If you have sold any vouchers, a list of issued vouchers will appear. This list contains the booking reference for the purchased voucher, when it was issued, when it expires, the remaining balance and whether it's been used:

You can also view the individual voucher, booking and customer associated with the voucher by selecting the three dots next to each one:

Audit trail

Under Timeline are a date and timed trail of when the voucher was purchased and/or when any other actions are actioned against it, such as which events/passes it has been redeemed against and whether/when the voucher was revoked:

Balance checker

Customers can redeem their vouchers in stages and do not need to redeem them in one go.

You and your customers can check the balance of the voucher using this link:

Alternatively, you can check the balance from your admin page by selecting the three dots next to the purchased voucher, then View issued voucher:

From here, you can review the Opening balance, Balance redeemed and Remaining balance of the voucher:


You can download your purchased voucher report by selecting Packages & Discounts from the left-hand menu, then Vouchers.

From here, select Options, then Download purchased vouchers:

This will download a .csv file that you can open via your preferred method, i.e. Excel, Numbers etc. The report contains the following information: voucher name, value, booking reference and URL, purchase date and expiry, as well as the customer name and email.

Refunding a voucher purchase

Voucher bookings do not show in the Bookings tab (unless the customer purchased a ticket alongside the voucher).

To locate issued vouchers, select Packages & Discounts, then Vouchers from the left-hand menu. From here, select View next to the relevant voucher:

The issued vouchers appear in list form under Issued vouchers:

There are two steps in refunding a voucher purchase:

  1. First, refund the customer directly from your online payment provider (Stripe/PayPal/WorldPay)

  2. You can then revoke their voucher on Bookwhen. Learn how to revoke a voucher here.

Deleting and revoking vouchers

Deleting a voucher

To delete the voucher, select View next to the voucher you'd like to delete:

Then Delete this voucher:

πŸ’‘ Please note: Once you have issued a voucher, you can only archive the voucher offer. Archiving the vouchers means customers with active vouchers can still redeem their vouchers, but the voucher will no longer appear on your public page for new customers to purchase.

Revoking a voucher

⚠️ Please be sure to check the consumer rights of your country before revoking a voucher.

To revoke a voucher, select the three dots next to the voucher you'd like to revoke, then View issued voucher:

From here, select Revoke this issued voucher:

This means that the customer can no longer redeem their voucher.

πŸ’‘ Please note:

  • You cannot bulk-revoke vouchers

  • Revoking a voucher does not inform the customer. If you wish to inform the customer, please contact them separately.

Viewing revoked vouchers

Select Show revoked issued vouchers to view any revoked vouchers:

This adds any revoked vouchers back into the Issued vouchers list and includes the revoking information:

Revoked vouchers also show in the booking. For example:

Re-activating a voucher

To re-activate the voucher so the customer can redeem it again, select the three dots next to the voucher, then View issued voucher:

From here, scroll down and select Reactivate this issued voucher:


  • Vouchers cannot be used to purchase memberships or other vouchers.

  • You cannot skip the payment stage when booking on behalf of a customer.

  • Vouchers cannot be limited to a specific entry, only by a scheduling page.

  • Discount codes do not apply to the purchase of vouchers.

    • i.e. If your customer is also buying a ticket and uses a discount code, the code would still apply to the ticket but not to the voucher.

πŸ’‘ Important note:

If you are using our VAT functionality, it’s important to note that VAT is added only when a customer purchases a gift card, not when they use it for a transaction. This follows EU guidelines for gift vouchers.

There are two types of vouchers:

  1. Single Purpose Voucher: These are used for goods or services with a known place of supply, and VAT is applied when the voucher is purchased.

  2. Multi-Purpose Voucher: These vouchers can be used for various goods or services, and VAT is applied when the voucher is redeemed.

❓ Visit our frequently asked questions about vouchers here.

✨ If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us via live chat or email.

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