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FAQ: Vouchers

Frequently asked questions regarding vouchers

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What can customers redeem their vouchers against?

Customers can only redeem vouchers against tickets or passes.

What happens if I downgrade to the Lite plan, are previously bought vouchers still redeemable?

Yes, if you downgrade your account to the Lite, customers with valid vouchers can still redeem their vouchers but won't be able to purchase any more.

Can I customise the voucher design?

We don't currently offer customisation of vouchers at this stage. Our current voucher designs look like this:

  • Please let us know what type of customisation you'd like via live chat or by emailing

What if I want to offer vouchers, but I'm not on the Standard plan?

We currently have a voucher 'workaround' that you can learn about here.

  • If you would like to upgrade to the Standard plan to access the full feature but are worried about cost, please contact us via live chat or by emailing

What happens if the person I sent this to loses their voucher?

You can either resend the email you received when you bought the voucher or access the code through your customer portal.

Can I apply multiple vouchers to a booking?

Yes, you can. However, you cannot use a voucher to purchase another voucher.

Can I book a voucher on behalf of a customer?

You can book a voucher on behalf of a customer, but you are required to pay online (as you cannot log an offline payment option against a voucher).

Can I resend voucher confirmation emails to my customers?

Yes, you can re-send voucher confirmation emails to your customers in the same way that you re-send other booking emails. Learn how to resend emails here.

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