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Resending confirmation emails

Useful if the customer deleted the email, their email address was incorrect or your event has changed.

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There are a few scenarios where you might need to resend the booking confirmation email to one of your customers.

For example:

  • The customer lost or deleted the confirmation email.

  • The initial email address was incorrect; you fixed this, and now the customer requires a copy as they didn't receive it the first time.

  • You have updated the date/time or location of your event and would like to update your customers.

Resending to a single customer

Locate the booking in your Bookings tab and select the booking reference to open the booking:

From here, select Resend confirmation emails under Options:

Then Resend:

✨ You can also review when the last email was sent to the customer next to Last sent.

Resending to all attendees of an event

To resend emails to all attendees, select the entry in your schedule list, then Attendees:

From here, select the Options drop-down menu, then Resend confirmation emails:

This automatically resends the confirmation emails to all of the attendees booked for this event.

Differences between email resends

If you amend an entry name after a customer completes a booking, the confirmation email doesn't always reflect the new, updated name.

As mentioned above, there are two ways you can resend a booking confirmation email. Although they look the same, the emails vary slightly:

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