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Emailing your attendees

How to email all attendees of an event at once

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You can copy your attendees' email addresses and use your own email system or launch your email tool from the attendee list.

This article covers:

How to view the email list for an event

To do so, select the entry from your scheduling list, then the Attendees button:

From here, select the Options drop-down, then View email list:

You can then use the option Open in your email client to automatically open a new blank email (BCC) in your default email tool on your device:

Or you can use Copy emails to copy your email list and BCC them into your preferred email tool manually:

Here's an example of how that can look using Gmail:

πŸ’‘ To note: The View email list option from the attendee list includes email addresses from attendees and bookers.

Exporting email addresses from the Customer List

You can use the Customer list tab to export a list of email addresses.

  • This can be especially useful if you would like to export the information for multiple customers who have answered a specific question in a booking form or if you'd like to select customers who have attended a particular date.

To do this, select Customers from the left-hand menu, then any relevant filters, then select Search to load the results:

Once loaded, select the Options drop-down menu, then either View email list or Export customers (CSV):

If you select View email list, a box will pop open where a list of email addresses appears with the option to either Copy emails or Open in your email client (such as Outlook, Gmail etc.):

If you select Export customers (CSV), you will receive a download in spreadsheet format for you to obtain the email addresses.

Format options

Depending on the email client you are using, e.g. Outlook, you may need to select different Format options, as shown below:

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