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How do waiting lists work on a course?

Customers can join a fully booked course as long as you enable the Waiting list feature. When they join, they receive an email notifying them of this and their place on the waiting list.

💡 To note:

  • When customers sign up for the waiting list on a course date, they only sign up for notifications of available spaces on that date.

  • If a space becomes available before that date passes, the system notifies them of any available course or single tickets associated with that date.

  • If the date they have signed up for passes, they will not receive any notification of spaces on subsequent dates.

What happens when an attendee cannot attend a date on a course?

There may be occasions when a customer cannot attend a date on a course ticket that they've purchased. Depending on your settings, you may wish to open up a space for another customer to join.

👉 As course tickets aren't flexible, meaning all dates are grouped together and cannot be managed separately from one another, you can opt to manually adjust the capacity for the singular date the original customer couldn't attend.

💡Important note: You'll need to keep the 'cancelled' attendance as an active booking (and don't cancel it), as it will cancel their attendance on each date on the course.

To do this, select the course date from your schedule. There are two ways to do this:

1. Expand the course so that all of the dates appear in your schedule list:

Select the date you'd like to amend, then the drop-down menu next to Edit entry. From here, select Event specific information:

Or if it's an online course, it's Add online joining details:

From here, you can manually adjust the event capacity for this singular date:

The result:

2. Alternatively, select the course entry from your schedule list, then the attendee button 👪 next to the date you'd like to amend:

Select the Options drop-down menu, then Event specific information (or Add online joining details if it's an online course):

From here, you can manually adjust the event capacity for this singular date:

This will open up a space for the event and allow an additional customer to purchase a ticket for the singular date.

💡 Please ensure you have a drop-in ticket alongside your course ticket so the additional customer can book on.

What happens when one date on a course is fully booked?

When one date on a course is fully booked, the course ticket will still show as 'available'. This happens when you have both course tickets and drop-in tickets available, and one of the dates on the course becomes fully booked.

This means that customers can still add the ticket to their basket, but the system will present them with the below error message, preventing them from completing the booking:

  • To avoid confusion, it's best to take your course ticket 'offline', keeping only the drop-in tickets available. You can learn how to take your tickets offline here.

💬 Any questions or feedback? There are two ways to get in touch:

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