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Prorate your course ticket prices
Prorate your course ticket prices

How to automatically reduce the cost of your course ticket as each date passes

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Please note: Ticket costs are available on the Lite plan or above.

Course tickets allow customers to purchase one ticket at a set price to attend every date/time you set up within the entry.

If you accept attendance mid-course, you can set up your course so that the ticket decreases in price after each date passes. This is useful if you would like to offer your customer the chance to join a course after it has started for a reduced price.

This article covers:

Setting up the discount

💡 You must save your entry with at least two dates before you can create a course ticket.

To set up the discount, select your entry, then Edit Entry:

Then the Tickets & Costs tab:

Select the Course ticket checkbox:

This groups all of the dates/times within the entry under one ticket. Please be sure that the price you set here covers this. From here, you can add an amount to the Discount past dates field.

Working out the Discount past dates cost

This number is the value you want your course ticket to decrease for each date that passes on your course.

👉 An example of this could be dividing the ticket cost of the course by the number of weeks. E.g. If the overall ticket cost is £20, and the course is four weeks long, it works out to £5 per date.

Once you work out the 'per date' cost, add this to the Discount past dates box within the ticket setup:

Another example

In this example, the course ticket is £100. There are ten dates for the course, with a discount of £10 for each date that passes. This means the system will deduct £10 for each past date:

👉 This means that on the fifth-course date, the ticket would cost £50 to join the remaining five dates. (As 5 x the £10 discount = £50, which is deducted from the £100).

Update duplicated entries to ensure accurate discounts

If you have duplicated your entry and the new entry you're editing has past dates, the pro-rated discount may become inaccurate.

For example, if you have duplicated an entry with past dates from a previous course and added new dates onto the entry with a pro-rated discount. The system will have already deducted the dates from the course price and will continue to do so (until all dates have finished).

For example:

In the above screenshot, there is a prorated discount of £4 for each past date.

This means that the system will have deducted £20 from the total price before the new course dates have started (as there are 5 past dates), making the current price £10:

The system will continue to deduct the discount amount as the course dates pass, which would result in a wrongfully reduced ticket price.

👉 For this reason, it's important to remove past dates. You can learn how to remove past dates here.

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