Please note: Ticket costs are available on the Lite plan or above.

Course tickets allow you to sell tickets covering all dates and times in an entry. If you accept attendance mid-course, you may want to use this feature to automatically reduce the course ticket price as each date passes on the entry.

To do this, head to your selected entry via Edit Entry, then Tickets & Costs.

Select the checkbox titled Course ticket. Ensure you've saved your entry with at least two dates before creating the course ticket.

After selecting this, you'll see a setting titled Discount past dates (as shown below).

The number entered is the value you want your course ticket to decrease for each date that passes on your course.

In the example below, the course ticket is £100. There are ten dates for the course, with a discount of £10 for each date that passes. For example, on the fifth-course date, the ticket would cost £50 to join the remaining course (5 x £10 discounted from £100).

💡 To note: If you have duplicated your entry and the new entry you're editing has past dates, the pro-rated discount may become inaccurate.

For example, say you have duplicated an entry with four past dates from a previous course and added four new dates onto the entry with a pro-rated discount. The system will have already deducted four dates from the course and will continue to do so (until all eight dates have finished).

  • See here how to remove past dates on duplicated entries.

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