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How to remove past dates

Sometimes you may need to delete past dates from a duplicated entry to keep the new entry tidy and include only the correct dates on entries such as courses.

To do this, select the duplicated entry, then Edit entry:

Select the Dates & Times tab, then the blue date in the top left-hand corner of the schedule:

You will then see a calendar pop open. Select a past date from the calendar (preferably a date before the first date on the entry). In the below example, the 3rd of March is selected, as that is the first date of the course:

You can then either select individual dates from the schedule list then Remove this date/time from the schedule:

Then select Remove:

Alternatively, you may wish to edit the entire recurring schedule and remove them all at once. To do this, select Edit the recurring schedule as a whole.

Then select Remove highlighted date/times:

Selecting this option will delete all of the dates/times highlighted in yellow.

Once you have removed the past dates, select Save or Save & Exit in the top right-hand corner.

How to add in past dates that were accidentally deleted

If you have removed past dates individually, they will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your scheduler under Excluded dates:

To add them back into your schedule, select each date in blue. Once selected, a small window will open for you to confirm the reinstatement of the selected date:

Select OK to add it back into your schedule.

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