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Cancelling and transferring tickets
Cancelling and transferring tickets

How to cancel and transfer tickets as an admin

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✨ Please note: Transfers are available on the Lite plan or above.

If you or a customer needs to cancel an event or attendance, you can choose to cancel their ticket or transfer it to another event in your schedule. As an admin, none of your cancellation or transfer restrictions for customers apply, and you can transfer tickets from dates in the past to future dates.

This article covers:

Cancelling or transferring a ticket

To cancel or transfer a ticket, open your Bookings page. From here, locate the booking that you'd like to cancel and/or transfer tickets for by using the search options at the top.

For example, you can search by email address or name, or if you have the booking reference, type the reference in CAPITALS in the Search field:

When you find the booking, select the booking reference (e.g. XYRDR):

From here, select Ticket Options next to the ticket:

Then select either Transfer ticket or Cancel ticket:

Transfer Ticket

This will allow you to pick the entry you want to transfer to, followed by a list of available dates. Ticket transfers might not always be available.

Cancel Ticket

Cancelling a customer's ticket does not automatically refund them. This is so that you (the admin) have more control over your bookings, for example, if you cancel a ticket by accident.

Once you confirm, we will email the customer to inform them of the cancellation or transfer.


It's possible to transfer a ticket to a ticket with a higher value and to transfer a discount ticket to a non-discounted ticket.

πŸ’‘ To note:

  • Customers won't be charged or refunded automatically for any transfer difference; this will need to be processed and recorded manually.

  • Customers cannot transfer bookings/tickets where they used a discount code, and the code isn't valid for the event they would like to transfer to (however, you can).

  • Customers cannot transfer exclusive tickets.

  • You cannot reverse ticket cancellations. If cancelled by accident, you'll need to either ask your customer to rebook, or you can manually add them.

❌ You cannot transfer ticket transfers under the following conditions:

  • If the date you're transferring a ticket to is in the past.

  • If you're transferring group tickets with different attendee numbers.

  • If you're transferring a course ticket to another course/entry with a different amount of dates. e.g. If the original course has 5 dates, you can only transfer to another course with the same amount of dates.

  • If you're attempting to transfer to a ticket on a different schedule page.

  • If you're transferring a single ticket to a course ticket (and vice versa)

  • If you're a Free plan user.

  • If the event you'd like to transfer the ticket to is unpublished.

πŸ’‘ If you hard-delete an entry, you won't be able to transfer your customers' tickets. If this happens, please cancel and rebook.

When a customer cannot attend a date on a course

There may be occasions when a customer cannot attend a date on a course ticket that they've purchased. Depending on your settings, you may wish to open up a space for another customer to join.

πŸ‘‰ As course tickets aren't flexible, meaning all dates are grouped together and cannot be managed separately from one another, you can opt to manually adjust the capacity for the singular date the original customer couldn't attend.

πŸ’‘Important note: You'll need to keep the 'cancelled' attendance as an active booking (and don't cancel it), as it will cancel their attendance on each date on the course.

To do this, select the course date from your schedule. There are two ways to do this:

1. Expand the course so that all of the dates appear in your schedule list:

Select the date you'd like to amend, then the drop-down menu next to Edit entry. From here, select Event specific information:

Or if it's an online course, it's Add online joining details:

From here, you can manually adjust the event capacity for this singular date:

The result:

2. Alternatively, select the course entry from your schedule list, then the attendee button πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ next to the date you'd like to amend:

Select the Options drop-down menu, then Event specific information (or Add online joining details if it's an online course):

From here, you can manually adjust the event capacity for this singular date:

This will open up a space for the event and allow an additional customer to purchase a ticket for the singular date.

πŸ’‘ Please ensure you have a drop-in ticket alongside your course ticket so the additional customer can book on.

πŸ’¬ Any questions or feedback? There are two ways to get in touch:

Thank you! πŸ•Ί

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