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Booker article: Learn how to cancel ticket

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Depending on your Event Organiser's settings, you may be able to cancel your ticket(s).

This article covers:

How to find your booking

You can access your completed booking via the link in your Booking Confirmation email (sent to the email address entered in the Booker details section):

Or by logging in if you previously created a password.


Depending on your Event Organiser's settings and cancellation policy, you may be able to cancel a ticket.

If enabled and in line with their policy, you can cancel your ticket by selecting the Upcoming tab and the Manage button next to the relevant date:

From here, select Cancel ticket:

Once selected, you will need to confirm the cancellation by selecting the Confirm button:

Once completed and if cancelled correctly, the booking will appear under the Cancelled tab. The Event Organiser will then process your refund (depending on their cancellation policy).

💡 If cancelling your ticket isn't an option or for any other booking help or general questions, please get in touch with your event organiser directly.

💬 Any questions? Please reach out to your Event Organiser directly.

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