Booker: Cancelling a ticket
Booker article: Learn how to cancel ticket
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Depending on your Event Organiser's settings, you may be able to cancel your ticket(s).

This article covers:

How to find your booking

You can access your completed booking via the link in your Booking Confirmation email (sent to the email address entered in the Booker details section, as shown below).

Or by logging in if you previously created a password (please see more on how to do this here).


Depending on your Event Organiser's settings and cancellation policy, you may be able to cancel a ticket. If enabled and in line with their policy, select Ticket options next to the ticket within your booking, then Cancel ticket:

The Event Organiser will then process your refund, depending on their cancellation policy. Please contact your Event Organiser directly if cancelling your ticket isn't an option.

✨ See here for help locating their information and here for help with transferring tickets.

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