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Booker: Transferring a ticket
Booker: Transferring a ticket

Booker article: Learn how to transfer a ticket

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Depending on your Event Organiser's settings, you may be able to transfer your ticket(s).

This article covers:

How to find your booking

You can access your completed booking via the link in your Booking Confirmation email (sent to the email address entered in the Booker details section):

Or by logging in if you previously created a password.


Depending on your Event Organiser's settings and cancellation policy, you may be able to transfer a ticket.

If enabled and in line with their policy, select the Upcoming tab, then the Manage button next to the ticket you'd like to transfer:

From here, select Transfer ticket:

Select the date you'd like to transfer your ticket to:

Then the ticket:

Finally, you have an opportunity to review your transfer details to ensure that all the details are correct and you've chosen the right one.

Once you are happy to proceed, select Confirm to action the transfer:

A message will appear letting you know of the successful transfer:

You can simply close this window, and you'll the updated booking will appear in your Upcoming tab.

Ticket transfer restrictions

On some occasions, you may not be able to transfer a ticket. This may be because:

  • It isn't included in the Event Organiser's policy

  • You are attempting to transfer a ticket to one of a higher value

  • You are trying to transfer a course ticket to another ticket with fewer or more dates

  • Your ticket was discounted, and the same discount doesn't apply to your chosen ticket

  • You are attempting to transfer an exclusive ticket.

💡 If transferring your ticket doesn't show as an option, or for any other booking help or general questions, please get in touch with your event organiser directly.

💬 Any questions? Please reach out to your Event Organiser directly.

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