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Selecting your tickets

Navigate to the booking page using the link provider by the Event Organiser and select the event you wish to book from the schedule, so it is highlighted in yellow:

You may need to adjust the date filter at the top of the section if the event you wish to attend is in the future (see finding your event for more information).

Then select your ticket(s) by choosing Select and using the + and - symbols to add more or fewer tickets -

If you'd like to book additional tickets for different events, please repeat the process by locating them on the schedule and adding them to your basket.

Managing your basket

When you are ready to checkout, select View selections to view your basket:

You can navigate back to the schedule to add more tickets by selecting Select more:

You can remove any unwanted tickets by selecting the grey x button:

Adding discount code

If you have a discount code, you can enter it in Enter discount code box, then select Apply before selecting Book now:

(You can read more about discount codes here).

Completing a booking

When you are ready to complete the booking, please select Book now:

Bookwhen requires one 'booker' email address per booking. This email address is used for your booking confirmation and event reminder emails:

💡 Please note: Bookwhen will not contact you for anything that isn't directly related to the event you have booked.

Next, you will be asked to complete any booking fields relevant to your booking and required by your Event Organiser. This may include an Attendee email, Attendee names, any consent fields, etc. and select Continue:

(You can read more about this here).

Amending attendee information

💡 Please note: You can change the pre-populated Attendee email section by selecting the Change attendee button when making a booking:

Adding additional attendee information

To add another attendee, select Add another attendee at the bottom of the 1st Attendee box:

If there is a cost associated with your event, you may have the option to pay online (via credit or debit card), offline (another method) or given a choice between the two (depending on your Event Organiser's settings).

Online payment

The system may present you with various options to complete the online payment. If your Event Organiser has integrated their payment gateway with Stripe, you will see the option to Pay by card, where you can enter your card details.

You may also have the option to checkout using Apple Pay/Google Pay. If so, please select one of these options and follow the concurrent steps.

If your Event Organiser has integrated their account with Paypal, you will be prompted to either sign into your PayPal account or checkout as a guest.

💡 Please note: Bookwhen has removed the option to save your details for future use.

Read more on online payments here.

Offline payment

Before completing the booking, you must select the Agree offline payment terms tickbox to acknowledge that you agree to pay later. Once selected, you can then choose Complete booking:

💡 Please note: This option is only available if your Event Organiser has enabled an offline payment option.

Creating a password

You may wish to create a password by selecting Set a password to save time the next time you book. (You can read more about how to do this here).

Booking on a mobile device

Booking on your mobile phone is the same process as your desktop, with the layout scaled to fit your screen. See here.

💡 Please note: Bookwhen will never ask you for an 'account name', 'sector', or 'timezone' to complete a booking. If asked, you have strayed onto the Bookwhen software page (for Event Organisers) and should navigate to the booking link (see finding your event).

✨ For any booking help, please contact your Event Organiser directly, who can assist you. See here for help locating their information.

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