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Booker article: Learn about online/offline payments including Google and Apple Pay

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Online payment

The system may provide various options to complete your booking with online payment.

If your Event Organiser has integrated their payment provider with Stripe, you can pay by card:

💡 Please note: The system has removed the option to save your details for future use. You now have the option to save your details in a Wallet or Browser.

If your Event Organiser has integrated their account with PayPal, you will be prompted to either sign into your PayPal account or checkout as a guest:

Google / Apple Pay

You may also have the option to checkout using Apple Pay/Google Pay. If so, please select one of these options and follow the concurrent steps.

Offline payment

Before completing the booking, you must select the Agree offline payment terms tickbox to acknowledge that you agree to pay later.

Once selected, you can then choose Complete booking:

💡 Please note: This option is only available if your Event Organiser has enabled an offline payment option.

Saving card details in a Wallet or Browser

The system updated the latest Stripe payment integration (as directed by Stripe) to improve security and access to significantly more payment methods.

Unfortunately, the way we were saving cards before is no longer recommended and is incompatible with the new payment form.

The suggested alternatives are:

Event organisers handle payments and refunds using their own personal or business accounts. Bookwhen is the platform for hosting events, but the team can't access payment details due to privacy. If you have questions about your booking, contact the event organiser directly.

💬 Any questions? Please reach out to your Event Organiser directly.

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