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Booker: Saving your payment details using Link
Booker: Saving your payment details using Link
Learn how to save your card details using Link for a faster checkout experience
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✨ Please note: This feature is only available for Event Organisers that use Stripe to collect payment and have this option enabled.

Saving your card details when completing a purchase is a great way to save time the next time you book. You don't need to create a Bookwhen account to use Link, although this is encouraged for even faster checkout and easier management of your overall bookings. Link is purely for securely saving your card information for future purchases using the email address used when checking out and completing a booking.

This article covers:

Checking out using Link

To do this, select your tickets and proceed to checkout. From here, enter your card information, and depending on your event organiser's settings, you'll see an option to select Save your information to pay faster with Link:

Once selected, you'll be required to fill out additional information, such as email, mobile number and full name.

Then select the green Pay button to complete your booking.

By saving your card details in Link, you won't need to reenter your card details each time you check out. However, there may be occasions where you need to verify it's you via code if, for example, it's the second time you are checking out, you use a different device (such as a desktop/mobile) or purchase tickets with another event organiser.


The second time you check out with the same event organiser, you'll be required to verify that it's you. Once you've completed the checkout steps and are ready to make a payment, a box will appear at the top of the payment page to request you enter a verification code:

You'll receive the code to the mobile number you entered in your first purchase. Once received, enter the code, and the payment page will update to show just the email and card used previously. If you'd like to use the same card, select the green Pay button, or you can change your details by selecting Change next to the card number:

You won't be required to complete this verification step the third time you checkout using the same event organiser and device, as this is saved via a cookie. However, you'll need to reverify any time you use a new device or purchase tickets from another account.

✨ For any booking help, please get in touch with your Event Organiser directly, who can assist you. See here for help locating their information.

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