Depending on your Event Organiser's settings, setting a password will allow you to create an account and manage your bookings on one page.

Creating an account speeds up the checkout process by auto-filling specific booking fields when you make repeat bookings.

This article covers:

Creating a password

Once you have completed a booking, you will be given the option to set a password. This option will show on the booking completion page:

And in your booking confirmation email:

Selecting Set a new password will open a new window. Please enter your new password twice, then choose Save password & Login:

Changing your password

If you need to change your password, you can request a reset code using this link - and enter your email address:

Please select the link again if you receive a 'token expired' message.

✨ For any booking help, please contact your Event Organiser directly, who can assist you. See here for help locating their information.

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