Booker: Accessing your account
Booker article: Learn how to access and manage your account
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Logging in to your account

Once you have created a password, you can log in to your account to view your bookings by selecting Login in the top right-hand corner of your Event Organiser's page:

Once logged in, you can view your account and bookings by selecting View bookings from the top right-hand corner:

This screen shows if you need to pay for the event and allows you to cancel or transfer your tickets (if the Event Organiser permits).

Viewing your bookings

You can access upcoming and previous bookings by selecting them from the Your upcoming events and Other bookings section in the bottom right-hand corner or your profile:

Forgotten password?

You can request a reset code here if you can't recall your password. Enter your email address and select Send reset code:

Then follow the instructions emailed to your booker email address to gain access. Please select the link again if you receive a 'token expired' message. (Please see here for more help on managing your password).

Deleting your account

If you want to delete your account, please contact your Event Organiser directly or for any other queries. See here for help locating their information.

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