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Booker: Accessing online events
Booker: Accessing online events

Booker article: How to access booked online events

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There are two ways to access the joining information for your online event.

This article covers:

Joining from your confirmation email

If your Event Organiser has arranged for an online event via a web conferencing platform such as Zoom, Jitsi, Google Meet etc. or through a live streaming service such as Facebook Live or YouTube Live, you can find the information to join in the booking confirmation email you received after booking your ticket.

To do this, select View online event:

Joining from your Bookwhen account

If you have previously completed a booking and created a password, you can log in to Bookwhen and join the event from there.

To do this, select Events from the top right-hand corner, then Upcoming:

From here, select the three dots next to the event, then View Zoom event to access the event (or relevant platform):

Alternatively, you can select View event details, then join from there:

What to do if you can't find the link to join your online event

If you cannot locate call information in either of the places outlined above or for any booking help or general questions, please get in touch with your event organiser directly.

💬 Any questions? Please reach out to your Event Organiser directly.

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