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Booker article: Learn how to join, book and remove yourself from a waiting list
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When an event is fully booked, you may have the option to join the Waiting List (if set up by the Event Organiser).

This article covers:

How to see if an event is fully booked

If the event you are trying to attend is fully booked, the following symbol will appear next to it:

It also states Fully booked in red under the event details section on the right-hand side:

How to join a Waiting List

If available, you can join the Waiting List by selecting Join waiting list to the right of the event title:

Once selected, you can enter your details, then Submit details (this information will only be used for the Waiting List):

The system will show you what number on the list you are:

Waiting List Email

Once you have signed up for the list, you will receive an email confirming your entry:

If you are the first person on the list, you will have a set amount of minutes to complete the booking.

๐Ÿ’ก Anyone on the Waiting List above you will also be able to book at any time. (This is determined by the Event Organiser and stated in your email).

After your booking period has passed, you will still be able to book, but the next person on the list will also be notified and be able to book.

When a space becomes available

You will be notified by email when/if a space becomes available. You can book directly using the Book now button in the email:

Removing yourself from the waiting list

Should you wish to remove yourself from the Waiting List, you can do so by selecting the link at the bottom of your confirmation email:

โœจ For further help, please contact your Event Organiser directly, who can assist you. See here for help locating their information.

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