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Integrating your online events with Jitsi
Integrating your online events with Jitsi

Simplify online event video call setup by linking your attendees to unique and secure URLs

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You can integrate your account with the web conferencing application Jitsi, which allows you to generate video call meetings as an online location for your customers to attend your event.Β 

Video call links generated in this way are secure, and customers can only access them via their booking confirmation emails or user accounts.

This article covers:

Adding a location that generates a Jitsi call

Select your entry from your scheduling list, then Edit entry (or Add a new entry in the top right-hand corner if you're creating a new one):

From here, select the Location tab to open the location settings, then Online event and Add a new location. Then select Jitsi integration from the drop-down menu under Online provider:

Name the location under Location name (this displays to your customers on your public page) and enter any additional session information your attendees may need for the call in the Private online event information and Additional information fields:

For example, you may wish to advise customers that they should download the Jitsi app (from their app store) before the event if they intend to join from a mobile device (phone/tablet).

πŸ’‘ To note:

  • Bookwhen generates a unique video link for every date on the entry, so you only need to create the Jitsi call location once per entry.

  • You only need to create a different Jitsi call location if you want another location name or other private online session information for another entry.

✨ You can learn more about adding a location here.

How your customers access the video call

Your customers can find the link to access the Jitsi video call in their booking confirmation email by selecting View online event.

πŸ’‘ They must select Join event now with Jitsi Meet to join the video call.

How you can access the video call

You can access your online event page from your schedule page, including any joining instructions. To do this, select the relevant date/time from your scheduling list, then Online event:

πŸ’¬ Any questions or feedback? There are two ways to get in touch:

Thank you! πŸ•Ί

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