Please note: The Zoom integration is available on the Lite plan or above.

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How the Zoom integration works

  • The integration creates a Zoom meeting link in your Zoom account for any online event with a booking. You can view your meeting links on Zoom here.

  • Adds the meeting room link to a secure page that only attendees can access

  • Includes a direct link to this secure page in all booking confirmation emails

💡 To note: Zoom IDs are not generated for past events or events with no bookings.

Setting up your Zoom integration

  • Sign in to Zoom here or create an account here. If you have any issues installing Zoom itself, you can refer to their troubleshooting document here.

  • Go to the Zoom Marketplace and search for "Bookwhen", or select this link to visit the Zoom Marketplace profile.

  • Select Install (screenshot below)

  • Select Authorize to connect your Zoom and Bookwhen accounts. You may need to log in to your Bookwhen account on the next screen.

  • Your integration should now be complete (second screenshot below):



Removing your Zoom connection

If you ever want to remove your Zoom integration:

  • Go to Settings and then Integrations

  • Select View integration

  • Select Disconnect from Zoom (screenshot below). Disconnecting from Zoom will stop any future links from being created, but existing ones remain. 

  • To remove Bookwhen from Zoom, head to, select Manage in the top right, Installed Apps on the left, and Uninstall next to Bookwhen.

Adding Zoom to your events

Adding Zoom as an online location to your events will ensure the Zoom integration creates a unique event link for each event that receives a booking.

Create Zoom as a location

  • Go to Settings then Locations

  • Select Add new location

  • Select Online event

  • Select Zoom from the Online provider list

Add Zoom to your events

  • Select any Entry in your Schedule

  • Select Edit entry

  • Now navigate to Location

  • Select Online event, then Existing location.

  • Select 'Zoom'

💡 To note: When setting up the entry, we strongly suggest keeping the Name in the Information section below 200 characters. If your title is longer than 200 characters, the system will trim the title so an ellipsis (...) will show after the limit.

  • Open their Booking Confirmation email

  • Select View online event (screenshot below)

  • Selecting the View online event button will open up the event page, including private event information (second screenshot below).

💡 To note: It doesn't matter if you add your joining instructions to the event after people book. Selecting View online event will always take your bookers to the latest information, so conceivably, you could add your joining instructions as late as 15/20 minutes before your online class begins. We include the View online event button in all booking emails, providing you've set your location as 'Zoom - online location'.


If you're on our Standard plan and above, The system will also send your bookers a reminder (below screenshot), which you can set to go out just before your class.

Learn more here.


Private event information 

The automatically generated Zoom meeting link will appear in the blue box on the right-hand side of the private event page, along with the topic, time, meeting ID and password.

Viewing your Online event page

You can view your online event page, including any joining instructions, from your schedule page. Select a relevant date/time, then Online event. This button will only appear if you've set your location as 'Zoom - online location'

Waiting room settings

In some cases, a waiting room might be enabled for meetings despite having this feature disabled in your Zoom settings on Bookwhen. If you experience this issue, you should be able to resolve this by adjusting the settings on Zoom as follows:

Log into Zoom, and from the left sidebar, select 'Account Management > Account Settings'. Scroll down to 'Passcode Requirement', check the first 'Have a minimum password length', ensure a positive number is chosen and save these changes:

Once done, you need to re-authenticate your Zoom account within the Zoom integration on Bookwhen to sync the updated settings.

💡 To note: The above changes won't be retroactive for previously created Zoom events. However, future events should have a password, and there should be no waiting room.

Hosting concurrent Zoom meetings

To host two meetings via Zoom coinciding with different hosts, you must have an Enterprise, Business, or Education Zoom account. You can contact Zoom here to discuss your account with them.

You would then need to assign your second meeting host as an alternative host for the required meeting within Zoom directly. You can find a further explanation here.

✨ If you have any questions, please get in touch with the support team via live chat or email at

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