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What is a membership?

A membership on Bookwhen is a subscription that consists of either a one-off or recurring payment, depending on your Event Organisers settings.

When you have purchased a membership, you may have access to tickets that are exclusive to the membership. To access these tickets, you must have created an account and logged in. (You can read more about creating an account here and accessing your account here).

Viewing a membership

If your Event Organiser has a live membership, you will see the Memberships option in the top left-hand corner of their page:

Once selected, you can view their current live memberships:

Purchasing a membership

To purchase a membership, select the blue Select button next to your chosen membership to add it to your cart:

You can view your cart by either selecting it from the top right-hand corner or View selections:

With the membership in the basket, member tickets (if set up by your Event Organiser) are available to select and book alongside the membership purchase.

You can go back to the schedule to choose your tickets, then select the blue Select button next to the desired ticket:

💡 Please note that your ticket's price depends on your Event Organiser's settings.

Important note:

  • You need to ensure you have added a ticket alongside your membership to complete the booking.

The emails you receive

After completing payment, you will receive two emails, one confirmation email for your booked ticket:

And one confirming your membership subscription, with your invoice attached:

Cancelling a membership

You can view, cancel and update your card details by selecting the View membership subscription button in your membership confirmation email (as shown above) or within your profile.

💡 Please note: Cancellation policies vary by Event Organiser. Check the cancellation policy by contacting your Event Organiser directly and for any other booking queries.

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