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Managing your customers' memberships
Managing your customers' memberships

Learn how to manage your customers' purchased memberships

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✨ Please note: The Membership feature is only available on the Standard Plan and those using Stripe as their integrated payment provider.

This article covers:

What customer membership information is stored?

When you view a unique customers membership, there are certain bits of information that is stored to create them a record like the below:

You can break the data down as follows:

  • Status: The membership state. It will either be Active, Active - unrenewed, Active - unpaid, or Cancelled:

    • Active: A live membership that is taking recurring payments.

    • Active - Unrenewed: A live membership that is due to cancel at the end of their billing period with no further recurring payments.

    • Active - Unpaid: A live membership that is currently experiencing membership payment issues.

    • Cancelled: A membership that is no longer active nor taking recurring payments.

  • Customer: The customer that owns and is paying for the membership.

  • Membership: The name of the membership that the customer is subscribed to.

  • Cost: The amount that the customer is paying for the membership on a recurring basis.

  • Associated booking: The booking where the customer first purchased the membership.

  • Renews at: The renewal period for the customer's membership. This is based on the billing frequency you set for the membership.

  • Stripe membership subscription: A unique Stripe record that was created at the time of purchase. Clicking this will open the Stripe record in Stripe within a new window.

  • Started source: Where the membership was purchased and started:

    • Checkout purchase: The customer's subscription was started via the checkout on Bookwhen.

    • Created via Stripe: The customer's membership was imported from Stripe into Bookwhen.

Accessing this data

You can access this data by either going through the Membership the customer belongs to, finding the customer within the Memberships list and then selecting the three dots next to their name, and then selecting View customer's membership:


Open your Customer list, search for the customer by name or email, and then select the customer email within the customer column:

From here, select the Memberships tab, select the membership line item or select the three dots (...) and View customer's membership:

Checking your customer's renewal date

You can check a membership renewal date or view/cancel a membership within the membership by selecting the three dots next to their name, then View customer's membership:

You can find the renewal date next to Renews at:

You can also access this via the Customers tab from the left-hand menu.

First, search for your customer, and select their email address from the search results to open their profile. From here, select the Memberships tab, the three dots next to their membership, then View customer's membership:

How to amend the customer's renewal date

You can update the renewal date of a customer's membership directly through Stripe.

To do this:

  1. Navigate to the customer record on Stripe

  2. Select the subscription on the customer page to navigate to the subscription page

  3. Select actions on the top right, then Update subscription:

  4. On the update subscription page, scroll down to the advanced options and check the Reset the billing cycle checkbox:

  5. Select the Update subscription button on the top right to update

πŸ‘‰ This resets the billing cycle to start 'today'. It will do this by issuing an invoice, charging it and starting a new period cycle from the day of the change.

Cancelling a membership

You can cancel a customer's membership from within the membership by selecting the three dots next to their name and then View customer's membership:

From here, select Cancel membership:

You can also access this via the Customers tab from the left-hand menu by selecting Customer and searching for the relevant customer.

From here, select the three dots next to their membership under the Memberships tab, then Cancel membership:

When you or your customer cancels a membership through Bookwhen, we notify the customer via email confirming the cancellation. This also removes the customer from the associated customer group at the end of their current invoicing period.

Immediate cancellation

If you need a cancellation to take effect immediately, you can process it directly through Stripe.

To view your customer's membership directly on Stripe, select the three dots next to their membership in their profile, then Open on Stripe:

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