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Managing Membership Payment Issues
Managing Membership Payment Issues

Learn more about the implications of failed membership payments.

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Please note: The Membership feature is only available on the Standard Plan and those using Stripe as their integrated payment provider.

Sometimes, if a customer's recurring payment fails, there's a risk of delinquent churn (or involuntary churn). This happens when their membership ends due to payment problems rather than them intentionally cancelling.

This article covers:

Reporting on Membership Payment Failures

You can filter the Customer list to show memberships that are at risk due to payment failure.

To do this, select Customers from the left-hand menu, then the Filter by drop-down menu:

From here, select Memberships status, and Add. De-select the Active, Cancelled, and Due to cancel options, then select Search:

  • Any membership payment failures will show in the list below (this will be blank if you don't have any).

What happens when a customer has a failed payment?

If a payment fails, the membership enters an "Active-Unpaid" state. We then initiate an automated payment recovery process with four attempts on days 1, 3, 5, and 7 to recover the payment:

  • Attempt 1: Payment collection is tried on day 1, accompanied by a system email notifying the customer of the failure.

  • Attempt 2: Collection is attempted again on day 3.

  • Attempt 3: Collection is attempted again on day 5, triggering another system email to the customer.

  • Attempt 4: Collection is tried for a final time on day 7. After this attempt, the membership (by default) is cancelled.

While in the payment recovery period, access to membership benefits is restricted until payment issues are resolved.

Once payment is resolved, memberships return to "Active" status, and customers regain access to their benefits.

Recovering failed membership payments

If automated collection attempts fail, the system will disable them and cancel the membership.

If you've adjusted the default setting in your Stripe account to allow memberships to continue despite payment failures, please use Stripe and communicate directly with the customer to recover the payment.

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