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How your customers purchase a membership
How your customers purchase a membership

The customer purchase journey for memberships and emails they would receive

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✨ Please note: The Membership feature is only available on the Standard Plan and above, using Stripe as their integrated payment provider.

This article covers:

How your customers purchase a Membership

When purchasing a membership for the first time, customers must add both the membership and a member-exclusive ticket to their basket.

Customers will not be able to select the exclusive tickets, with the text "members ticket" showing, until they've added a corresponding membership to the basket:

Adding the membership

There are two ways your customers can view and purchase your available memberships to get access to your member-exclusive tickets:

  1. They can view memberships on your booking page by selecting Memberships in the top bar:

  2. Or they can add the membership from underneath an exclusive ticket without having to leave the public booking page.

    To do this, they can select the membership hyperlink and then Select. From here, they can add the corresponding ticket:

With the membership in the basket, member tickets are then available to select and book alongside the membership purchase.

πŸ’‘ To note: Customers can book exclusive tickets for their children if you set the offer to allow additional attendees:

Redeeming exclusive tickets after a membership has been purchased

After purchasing a membership, customers do not need to add it to their basket again to redeem or purchase member-exclusive tickets.

They must log in using the same email address they used to purchase the membership. Once logged in, all tickets within their membership offer will be active and available for purchase or redemption.

The emails your members receive from Bookwhen

After completing payment, customers receive two emails:

  1. One confirmation email for their booked ticket and their purchased membership:

  2. And one explicitly confirming their ongoing membership subscription with their invoice attached:

  • Selecting the View membership subscription button allows customers to view, cancel and update their card details if needed.

​Emails are also sent to customers in the following scenarios:

  • Their subscription has been renewed

  • Payment for the subscription has failed (Stripe reattempts payment three times automatically after the first payment failure)

  • Their subscription has been cancelled

  • Their subscription has been restored

  • Their subscription has ended

πŸ’‘ To note: If there are changes to the credit card used during membership sign-up, updating the card details in Stripe by the customer will keep the membership active, and future payments will be taken from the new card.

The emails your members receive from Bookwhen

When a customer signs up for a membership, there are various emails they may receive from us when they sign up or (you or they) make amendments.

Each email contains a different type of messaging, for example:

Membership Subscription Started:

"Thank you for subscribing to the following membership"

Membership Subscription Renewed:

"We have received the subscription renewal payment for the following membership"

Membership Subscription Failed:

"There was a problem processing your membership subscription renewal payment"

Membership Subscription Cancelled:

"You have cancelled the renewal of your subscription to the following membership"

Membership Subscription Restored:

"You have reverted the cancellation of your subscription to the following membership"

Membership Subscription Ended:

"Your subscription to the following membership and all its associated benefits has ended"

The emails your members receive from Stripe

Alongside the emails from us, customers may also receive emails directly from Stripe (as per your Stripe settings).

These may and can include:

  • Upcoming renewal reminder

  • Expiring card notification

  • Update failed card notification

  • A Stripe-hosted link to confirm your payments (when required)

  • Reminders to complete the payment (if incomplete)

  • Finalised invoices

  • Incomplete invoice reminders

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