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Customer Groups

What Customer Groups are and how to use them

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✨ Please note: The Customer Group feature is only available on the Standard Plan or above.

This article covers:

What is a Customer group?

  • Customer groups enable specific customers to access exclusive offers, such as Exclusive tickets.

  • These groups are automatically created through memberships and populated with their subscribers.

  • Alternatively, you can manually create a group and individually add customers to it:

Creating a Customer Group

Creating a customer group is mainly designed for manual groups where you assign customers, and they can access the group offer without needing to pay.

To do this, select Packages & Discounts from the left-hand menu, then Customer groups.

From here, select Create a new group:

Name the group under Group name and add a description of the group under Group description:

Once added, select Create to create the group.

From here, select Actions under Customers:

Then Add customers:

You can then add the email addresses for each of your customers from here by entering the email addresses in the Customer emails field before selecting Add customers:

✨ You can return to this step anytime if you need to add more email addresses.

Once you've added your customers, they will appear within the group under Customers:

Once you've created your customer group and added all relevant members, you can then create the 'offer'.

πŸ’‘ Important notes:

  • This isn't a necessary step if you are planning on offering memberships, as the membership will automatically create a corresponding group when a customer joins.

  • To process membership payments, you'll need to create a membership first. Customers need to purchase this membership to be added automatically to the customer group.

Adding a Customer Group Offer

To add an exclusive ticket to your group, under Offers, select Add offer, then Create:

Once you've created your offer, you can select Edit offer to set your restrictions:

The first setting option is Offer enabled; meaning is this exclusive ticket offer active:

Under Restrictions, you can specify who can use the offer:

  • Personal use only: Only the membership owner can book this exclusive ticket.

  • Allow additional attendees: This allows the membership owner to book multiple exclusive tickets, and you can set the maximum number. This is useful for friends and family memberships:


Finally, confirm Restrict number of uses, where you can:

  • Set how many exclusive tickets can be booked under How many uses are allowed?, and

  • Whether this is a recurring Ongoing offer.

    • If this is ongoing, you can also set How long is a usage period? This will be the period where the offer resets.

For example, ten exclusive tickets per month:

πŸ‘‰ Leave the Restrict number of uses box unchecked for a monthly membership with unlimited access.

Exclusive tickets

If you have created exclusive tickets already on your entries, you can set which exclusive tickets are included in this customer group offer in the final offer section. You can select either All exclusive tickets on that schedule page or Select individual tickets:

If you haven't created your exclusive tickets yet, open your entry settings by selecting the entry from your schedule list, then Edit entry:

From here, select the Tickets & Costs tab, tick the Exclusive ticket box option, and choose the customer group you want to assign to this exclusive ticket:

If a customer doesn't have an account

If a customer doesn't yet have an account and you've manually assigned them to a customer group, they'll need to:

  • Select Log in in the top right-hand corner of your public page

  • Then select the Forgotten your password? link to create an account:

πŸ’‘ To note: they must sign up with the same email address used when you assigned them to the group to be able to access the exclusive tickets.

Removing a customer from a group

To remove a customer from a group where they've been manually added, select the three dots next to their name within the group, then Remove customer:

If a customer has an active membership via Stripe, the only way to remove them is to cancel their subscription within Stripe.

πŸ’¬ Any questions or feedback? There are two ways to get in touch:

Thank you! πŸ•Ί

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