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Using Customer Groups to offer priority booking
Using Customer Groups to offer priority booking

Learn how to offer priority bookings for your customers using Customer Groups

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✨ Please note: Customer Groups are only available on the Standard plan or above.

You may wish to provide priority bookings to a specific group for different reasons:

  • Ensure attendance for returning regulars.

  • Prioritise those who have committed and improved their skills in your events while allowing new attendees to join.

This article covers:

Creating a Customer Group

Using a Customer group to restrict the ticket availability to the general public is a great way to offer priority bookings, as only those included in the group can purchase the 'exclusive ticket' assigned to the group and entry.

To create a Customer group, select Packages & Discounts from the left-hand menu, then Customer groups.

From here, select Create a new group:

Name the group under Group name and add a description of the group under Group description:

Once added, select Create to create the group.

From here, select Actions under Customers:

Then Add customers:

You can then add the email addresses for each of your customers from here by entering the email addresses in the Customer emails field before selecting Add customers:

✨ You can return to this step anytime if you need to add more email addresses.

Once you've added your customers, they will appear within the group under Customers:

Once you've created your customer group and added all relevant members, you can then create the 'offer'.

Creating exclusive tickets

An exclusive ticket is part of your Customer group 'offer'. Once you've assigned a customer to the group, you can customise their offer.

To do this, select Add offer:

Then Create in the bottom right-hand corner of the pop-up:

You can add restrictions to the ticket (such as who can use the offer and the number of uses) and then select where the offer applies, for example, the schedule page of the entry and which tickets the group can purchase the exclusive tickets from:

Adding exclusive tickets to your entry

Select the entry you'd like to add the ticket to, then Edit entry to open the entry settings:

Or you can create a new entry by selecting Add a new entry:

From here, select the Tickets & Costs tab.

The screen will vary depending on whether it's a new entry, an entry with one other or multiple ticket types.

If you already have a ticket type setup, ensure you select Add another ticket type from either at the bottom of the ticket setup:

Or to the right of the screen:

Once you have a 'new' ticket, you can start filling out each field.

For example, you may add the Ticket name, the Ticket details, the Ticket cost and the Number of tickets available.

It's important to remember to select the Exclusive ticket box and select the relevant group it applies to:

In the below example, the settings state that the ticket will close two days before the event date.

To do this, select the Restrict when this ticket will be available setting, ensuring you add '2' into the field under When will the ticket close?:

πŸ‘‰ Once completed, remember to select Save to save your changes.

To avoid confusion when opening bookings to the general public, make sure to 'close' the exclusive ticket.

  • This ensures that the system prioritises the exclusive ticket over the general one when booked simultaneously.

If you set restrictions for when the ticket becomes available and plan to open it to the broader public, restrict other tickets on the entry to ensure the priority group gets the first available ticket.

Creating restricted additional tickets

If you'd like to restrict any additional tickets, head to the Tickets & Costs tab of your entry.

From here, select the ticket you'd like to edit:

Once selected, you can add any further ticket details, making sure you choose the Restrict when this ticket will be available setting and add a day range into the When will the ticket become available? field:

In the below example, it's '2' days (to work with the restrictions set in the exclusive ticket settings):

Once completed, ensure you select Update ticket and Save your settings.

πŸ’¬ Any questions or feedback? There are two ways to get in touch:

Thank you! πŸ•Ί

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