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How to offer priority booking to your customers
How to offer priority booking to your customers

Give groups of customers first access to your events using Bookwhen's password protection feature

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You can set up priority bookings for attendees, such as regulars, by offering them an exclusive booking period. This is done using a password, and once they've had enough time, you can remove the password to open any leftover tickets for general booking.

This article covers:

Where to set the password

You can use the password protection feature to set your password, which limits ticket booking to those with the correct password.

To find the Private booking password field, select the entry from your scheduling list, then Edit entry:

From here, select the More options tab, and the field will show under the Restrict booking access section:

Passwords are case- and space-sensitive, so it's helpful to keep them as simple as possible.

For example:

  • ‘priority’ is far less likely to lead to a failed attempt than ‘PRIORITY password_1.’

Protect repeat customer’s tickets and promote loyalty to your events

You can issue the password in a class or via a bulk email with data retained from your Customer list.  

Anyone trying to book a password-protected event will encounter the following screen after selecting their tickets: 

Only the group with your password can proceed. Anyone else will have to wait until they either receive the password or you remove the requirement. 

Once the priority period is over, remove the password by clearing the Private booking password field in your entry, and all tickets will be available.

💡 To note: You can only password-protect the entire entry and not specific tickets.

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