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Offering different ticket types
Offering different ticket types

The booking options you can give to your customer when creating your event

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Please note: Ticket costs are available on the Lite plan or above.

You can offer different ticket types to your customers when they book your event. For example, a single-date ticket, course ticket or group ticket.

This article covers:

Ticket types

You can offer the following ticket types:

One ticket entitles your customers to access the exact event date/time they select on your schedule.

Course tickets pull all of the dates in an entry into one ticket. This means when your customers purchase a ticket, they book all of the dates/times in the entry under the one ticket.

  • Please note that the entry cannot have a recurring set to 'forever' for course tickets.

One ticket for multiple attendees. You set the capacity for this, e.g. a minimum of 2 attendees and a maximum of 5.

  • Please note that this will be a set price and cannot increase/decrease if you allow customers to select the number of attendees. Otherwise, ensure you add a set number.

  • This is useful if you offer group discounts, as you can set the price as the discounted amount without the need for a discount code.

*Available on the Standard plan and above.

A pass allows your customers to purchase a 'block' of tickets (e.g. 5 classes) and redeem them within a validity period defined by you.

Your customer receives a discount when they purchase multiple tickets in one transaction. This can be limited, so they only receive discounts when buying tickets for separate events.

Your customers receive a discount when purchasing a ticket to your event within a specified advance period.

*Available on the Standard plan and above.

Only customers who have an active membership and have access to these tickets through the membership can purchase these.

Adding the tickets to your entry

To add another ticket type to your entry, select the Tickets & Costs tab within your entry:

Scroll down to select Add another ticket type:

If you already have multiple ticket types on an entry, the option is on the right-hand side:

Once selected, you can create your new ticket type in the same way as you created the original.

Offering extras

Learn how to offer 'Extras' tickets (i.e. for additional items not associated with event attendance) here

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