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Discount codes

How to create discount codes and restrict their usage

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✨ Please note: Discount codes are available on the Lite plan or above.

This article covers:

Why use discount codes?

Discount codes are a great tool to provide your customers with a fixed amount or a percentage discount off the total ticket cost when booking.Β 

They are perfect for promotions or introductory offers for new customers, or you can use them as credits, for a voucher workaround, or for referrals.

Setting up discount codes

You can create discount codes in Packages & Discounts, then Discounts. Select Add a new discount set in the top right-hand corner:

A discount set is like a folder for a group of discounts, including discount codes and rules for bulk purchase discounts. You can input your discount requirements within the set.

Example discount set:

Name the set

This is an internal reference name, not the discount code. Choose something descriptive, especially if you have multiple discount codes. Example: '15% Discount'

You can set up the code under the Codes section.

Discount type

If you're using Passes, you can choose to make this code specifically redeemable against a pass purchase. Otherwise, select Ticket discount.

πŸ’‘ You will need to create separate discount sets if you want a discount redeemable against both tickets and passes.

Restrict from date

Customers can use the discount against valid events from the date set here.

Restrict until date

Customers can use the discount against valid events until the date set here (ending at 23:59 of the specified date).

Ticket discount applies to

You can restrict discounts by entry, ticket or tag. Your options will appear when you select Add usage restriction.

Leaving it blank means customers with the discount code can apply it to all events on your schedule page.

πŸ’‘ Please note: You may have multiple entries or tickets with the same name, so you must choose all that are applicable. The next upcoming date and time are shown next to each entry to help identify the separate entries:

πŸ’‘ The date and time listed are for the next event in this entry. When you select it, the restriction applies to all dates and times within that entry, not just the specified date and time. We show the next event to help differentiate between multiple entries when they're named the same.


To create the code, select Add discount codes. A settings sub-menu will appear where you can add the code name (in the box under Add one or multiple codes) e.g. GROW15.

You can then decide whether the code discounts a fixed or percentage amount, if it has an expiry date, how many times it can be used, and/or restrict it to a single-use per customer.

Selecting Restrict to single use per booker email address means the code can only be used once per email address.

If you need to edit these settings, you can delete the code by selecting the bin icon and re-creating it.


This section is strictly for block booking discounts.


You can toggle this to unpublish and republish the discount set at any time. It will not delete the discount.

How customers redeem discount codes

To redeem a discount code, the customer must enter the code in their basket before completing their:

After selecting the Apply button, the system automatically amends the total cost as per the settings of the discount code:

πŸ’‘ To note:

  • Customers cannot use more than one discount code at a time at checkout.

  • Discount codes cannot be split, so the total value of the code must be used in the same transaction.

  • Discount codes take priority over pass redemptions, meaning if your customer with an active pass adds a ticket to their basket, the system will deduct the the discount amount and will not take a use from their pass.

    • This also applies to customers who add a pass at the same time as their ticket and discount code. Learn more below.

  • The confirmation email does not contain any discount information. To access the discount information, they can select View booking within the email to review their booking within their account.

✨ You can also use discount codes to offer referral discounts to your customers, rewarding your customers for recommending your events and expanding your customer base.

Discount code and pass behaviour

Discount code redemptions take priority over pass redemptions, meaning if your customer adds a discount code to their basket, the system will redeem the code before it takes a pass use. This is especially useful if you are running a promotion and would like to offer a discounted class without your customer using their pass.

For example, this is how a pass and corresponding ticket purchase appear in checkout:

Once a discount code is added, the system removes the 'pass use' and instead discounts the ticket:

πŸ’¬ Any questions or feedback? There are two ways to get in touch:

Thank you! πŸ•Ί

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