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Booker: Using Discount Codes
Booker: Using Discount Codes

Booker article: Learn how to use and redeem discount codes

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There are two types of potential discounts that you can receive when booking; either a unique discount code or an automatic bulk-booking discount.

This article covers:

Discount codes

You can redeem a discount code during checkout by entering the code in the Enter discount code box and selecting Apply:

The discount will be deducted automatically from your basket total:

💡 Please ensure you do this before selecting Book now.

Bulk booking discount

Bulk booking discounting is where an event organiser has set up a rule on their account where you can select a set number of tickets at once and receive an automatic discount.

You won't need to enter a code at checkout; the discount will automatically apply to your basket, and you'll know if this is available on the page as the Event organiser will advertise it on their page or have marketed the offer by other means.

If applied by the Event organiser, you will follow the below steps:

  • Add the relevant tickets to your basket by selecting the Select button:

  • Once you've selected all relevant tickets, open your basket to view the applied discount:

You can proceed to checkout when ready by selecting the Book now button.

📝 To note:

  • Codes are not case-sensitive

  • You can only apply one discount at a time.

    • This includes multiple codes and bulk booking discounts. If you have already qualified for a bulk booking discount (e.g. three tickets purchased at once, giving a £2 discount), entering a discount code will void this original deduction.

  • Discount codes overrule pass uses, meaning if you enter a discount code and have a valid pass, the system will redeem the discount code.

    • If you'd prefer to use a pass use, please remove the discount code by selecting the cross (x) to the right of the code.

  • The confirmation email you receive after booking does not contain any discount information. To access the discount information, select View booking within the email to review your booking within your account.

💬 Any questions? Please reach out to your Event Organiser directly.

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