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Create a promotional discount and encourage newcomers to attend your events
Create a promotional discount and encourage newcomers to attend your events

How to create a special offer to share in marketing materials and entice new customers

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✨ Please note: Discount set options are available on the Lite plan or above.

To attract more customers, you may wish to offer promotional discounts for marketing or referrals.

You can limit each discount code to a single use per customer, usually tied to their booking email, allowing you to offer a one-time reduced price.

This article covers:

Creating a discount code

To create a discount code, select Packages & Discounts from the left-hand menu, then Discounts. From here, select Add a new discount set:

You can then start to fill out the relevant information:

  • Name the set: This is for your reference only and will not appear to your customers.

  • Discount type: This should be 'ticket discount'.

  • Restrict use on events from/until date: Use these fields if you wish to limit which dates of events the discount can be used on.

  • Ticket discount applies to: You should select any entry and/or ticket that you would like the discount to work on here.

Select Add discount code:

The below section will open:

Add one or multiple codes

  • Enter what you would like the discount code to be.

  • This is case-insensitive, meaning your customer won't need to enter code in the exact same formatting.

    • For example, if your code is "New20", they can enter "new20", and it will still be valid.

  • While it is case-insensitive, it is a good idea to make the code as simple as possible to avoid confusion. For instance, 'introdiscount' is easier to read than 'InTRo-DIScouNt'.

Type of discount

  • You can decide if the discount will be a fixed amount (e.g. £3 off) or a percentage of the ticket cost (e.g. 25% off).

Set if this code will expire at any point

  • Set an expiry date for the discount. This is good practice if, say, you are running a time-sensitive promotional offer.

How many times can the code be used?

  • Limit the number of times the code can be used (in total, not per customer)

    • Leave it blank if there is no restriction.

Restrict to single use per booker email address?

  • Check this box to indicate that each customer can't use the code a 2nd time by the same email address.

Select Add codes when you have finished editing, then Save changes to complete the discount.

You can include the code in any marketing materials you are sending to customers who need a little extra encouragement to give your events a try.

✨ It's also a good idea to set up your booking form to gather consent to marketing materials, prior to sending emails.

How your customers use the code

First, they will add the relevant events to their basket. When they are ready to start checking out, they can head to their basket and add the code:

Once added, the discounted amount will appear:

They can then proceed to payment and checkout as normal.

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