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Sharing your Bookwhen page on Instagram
Sharing your Bookwhen page on Instagram

This article will help you market your Bookwhen schedule on your Instagram account.

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While we don't have a direct integration with Instagram, we've compiled some tips to help you drive traffic from your Instagram page to your Bookwhen schedule for effective marketing.

This article covers:

Adding your public page to your Instagram bio

On Instagram, the bio is the only spot where you can share a clickable link, even for private personal accounts. Placed at the top of your profile, it's easily seen by the public and is a popular way to promote your Bookwhen page on Instagram.

Most people copy and paste their Bookwhen public page link into the website field in their Instagram account.

After entering it into the website field, it will appear on your Instagram profile.

Using a link service to market several links

Instagram supports multiple links in your profile, and there are popular 'multi-link' services that consolidate them.

Linktree and Milkshake let you group links like blog posts, Bookwhen pages, and more. They generate a custom link for customers to view up to 5 pre-selected links.

For larger businesses, allows clickable feed links and Later links Instagram posts and articles, boosting traffic from Instagram to your Bookwhen page.

Call to action on images

When posting a photo, you may ask your followers to click your Bookwhen public page link.

For example, Canva has asked its followers to click the link in their bio to enter a competition. In your case, clicking the link in your Instagram bio would take your customers straight to your Bookwhen page.

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