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Sharing your Bookwhen page or event
Sharing your Bookwhen page or event

For when you're ready to start taking bookings and market your schedule or event in an email, Facebook or Instagram.

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As soon as you create your schedule and public page, you can start taking bookings by sharing the link to your public page/event.

This article covers:

Sharing your public page

You can find this link at the top of your scheduling page. Copy the link by selecting the double paper icon to the right of the link and paste it onto your preferred method of communication, such as your social media page, email, etc:

Scheduling setup view with an arrow pointing at the quick copy icon next to the public page link, indicating where users can quickly copy the link.

Sharing your event

You may wish to share a single event rather than your entire schedule. This is useful if you plan to promote a singular event or your customer shows interest in only one date.

To find the unique event link, open your public page and then the event date from the schedule list. Then View details from the top right-hand corner:

Public page example with an arrow pointing to the 'View details' button in the top right-hand corner, where users can obtain the unique event link.

Once selected, copy and paste the URL at the top of the page.

Public page example with an arrow pointing at the URL area at the top of the page, highlighting where users can find the link to share the selected date.

Below is an example of what the single event page looks like:

A single event-page example, highlighting the key features. Including: Name, date and location of the event, spaces available, event image, additional event details and ticket options.

On this page, customers can select a ticket and proceed to the checkout process as normal.

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You can share your page across various channels, such as email, newsletters, fliers, and social media.

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