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What is a Public page?

Find out what a Public page is, where to find it and how to have multiple pages

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What is a Public page?

The public page is where your customers visit to book tickets to your events. Each page has a unique URL, and you can tailor the name and URLs for each page.

For example, 🌱

​You can share this link directly with your customers or embed it into your website using our embedded iframe and button features. All changes to your entries and settings on your Scheduling page automatically reflect on your Public page.

✨ You can learn how to customise your Public page here.

Where can I find the Public page?

You can find the Public page link at the top of your Scheduling page. Select the double paper icon 📑 to copy the link:

Or select View public page to be taken straight to the page and copy the link directly from the URL bar:

Having multiple pages

On the Standard plan and above, you can run multiple separate pages under the same account. Multiple pages can be beneficial if you want to separate entries for different purposes or areas of your business.

For example:

  • 1 x page for your regular classes

  • 1 x page for your 1-2-1 appointments

  • 1 x page for your online courses

You can, of course, keep these grouped under one page if you prefer.

💡 To note: Each booking page has a unique URL to share with customers. However, you manage all of your customers, bookings and payments under the same account.

You can switch between your pages by selecting the desired page under Scheduling:

✨ Learn the difference between a public page and a scheduling page here and how to add a new schedule page here.

💬 Any questions or feedback? There are two ways to get in touch:

Thank you! 🕺

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