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Adding a new schedule page

How to add an additional schedule page or edit the schedule page title and URL

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Creating additional schedule pages is a great way to separate your schedule if you have sets of events with different audiences. For example, a one-off conference versus your regular drop-in classes, or you own both a sports club and yoga studio. Each of the schedule pages has its own unique public URL.

πŸ’‘ Additional schedule pages are only available on Standard (and above) plans. You must also have account owner access to be able to add a new schedule page to your account.

This article covers:

Adding an additional schedule page

To add an additional schedule page, select Settings, then Schedule pages.

From here, select Add a new schedule page:

You can then review the new page by heading back to the Scheduling tab.

Editing the public URL

To edit the public page URL of any of your schedules, select View public page at the top of your schedule page, then Customise page:

From here, you can amend the URL by selecting Change your page URL:

Type your new, preferred name in the field under the Public page URL field before selecting Update URL:

This word is what attaches to the end of your URL. For example:

πŸ’‘ Remember to save your changes before exiting the screen.

Changing a schedule page title

To amend the schedule page title (only visible to team members), select Settings from the left-hand menu, then Schedule pages.

From here, select Edit title on the relevant schedule page to amend the title:

This only amends the title of the page and not the URL.

✨ You can learn how to duplicate an existing schedule page here.

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Thank you! πŸ•Ί

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