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Changing your public page URL

Learn how to change your public page link

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You can change the link to the page that you share with your customers. This is great if, for example, you change your business name, take over a business or made a mistake when you first created the page.

This article covers:

How to change your URL

Select View public page at the top of your scheduling page:

From here, select Customise page in the top right corner:

Then Change your page URL:

Then enter the new name you'd like to use in this box.

  • It must be a minimum of 3 characters (can be a maximum of 40) and

  • You must use a dash - or plus + to use spaces.

For example, grow+oxford:

After selecting Update URL, the new name will immediately come into effect. Although we will redirect your customers who use the old URL to your new one, it's still a good idea to share your updated URL to avoid confusion ✨

💡 Please note:

Changing this name won't change your admin URL for your Bookwhen account, meaning they can be different. For example:

✨ If you'd like to change your admin URL, please contact us with the request.


We will redirect your customers automatically to your new URL if they use your previous URL (up to 2 changes).

We also lock other Bookwhen members from using your two previous names and your new name. Therefore, if you change the URL name three times, the first name will become available again for you or other Bookwhen members to use.

💬 Any questions or feedback? There are two ways to get in touch:

Thank you! 🕺

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