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Integrating with WorldPay
Integrating with WorldPay

How to link Worldpay to your Bookwhen account to take payments

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✨ Please note: Online payments are available on the Lite plan or above.

You need to ensure your Bookwhen account is compliant to accept online payments through WorldPay.

This article covers:


There are a couple of steps to take to make your account compliant:

💡 This information and accepted card-type logos will then be shown on the footer of your public booking page.

Your WorldPay Account

Once your Bookwhen account is compliant, you can create your WorldPay account:

(⚠️ Using the above link to sign up to WorldPay is an important step to ensure that you receive our exclusive low fees).

Creating the Security Keys

  1. Select Payment Configuration on the sidebar, then Secure Acceptance Settings

  2. Locate the required Secure Acceptance profile (please note the profile may be inactive, and then toggle within the search feature can be used to locate it)

  3. Select the ellipsis icon [...] under the More column and then select Edit profile

  4. Then select the Security tab, and under Active Keys, select Create key:

  5. Provide a name for this new key, leave the Signature Verison as '1' and the Signature Method as 'HMAC-SHA256' and select Create:

Integrating the Profile ID and Security Keys with Bookwhen

  1. Locate and copy your Merchant ID ending in gbpgbpe, then paste it into the corresponding box in your Bookwhen payment settings here:

  2. Then locate your 32-digit long Profile ID near the top of the required profile page in the Secure Acceptance Settings:

    (For example - EE5D0A21-BAE3-42DA-8093-B63F46B4EDAB)


  3. Copy the Profile ID, and paste it into the Profile ID box in your Bookwhen payment settings here.

  4. On the same profile page above, select the Security tab, then View key, where you can copy and paste the Access Key and Secret Key into your Bookwhen account Access Key and Secret Key corresponding boxes here.

  5. ⚠️ When adding the Profile ID, Access Key and Secret Key within Bookwhen, ensure that no additional spaces are included.

  6. Lastly, select Save API Keys.

✨ You have now successfully integrated your Worldpay account with Bookwhen.

Activating Your Secure Acceptance Profile

A Secure Acceptance profile comprises settings you configure to create a customer checkout experience. Specific settings are needed to ensure that your account can accept payments.

To configure and activate your profile:

  1. Select the Payment Form tab on the required profile page

  2. Then scroll down to Checkout Steps and ensure that the Billing Information checkbox is Enabled:

  3. Scroll further down to the Billing Information checkboxes table, and ensure they match this example:

  4. Select Save, to save any changes made to the profile.

  5. You can now scroll to the top of the profile page and select the back arrow here:

  6. From the Profile Status dropdown, select Inactive and then Search:

  7. You can then locate the required profile from the Profile list and then select Promote profile to make the profile changes live:

  8. Once the profile is activated by Worldpay, the integration will be ready to accept payments.


Starting October 14, 2022, Worldpay initiated an update to their payment gateway, resulting in a new way to issue refunds. All refunds should now be processed through your new Enterprise Business Centre dashboard.

AMEX Payments

If you'd like to show that you accept Amex payments, you'll need to manually set this up within your Worldpay account and toggle this on, as it doesn't automatically show on your Bookwhen page.

Select Edit under Show American Express?:

Then select the tick box next to Show American express as an accepted payment method on your public page? before selecting Save:

💡 Important note

  • You can only save Worldpay Cybersource online payment fees with a Merchant ID filled in.

  • Without the Merchant ID, you won't have the View payment hyperlink option on the individual booking that allows you to view the booking on WP automatically, for example:

Contact information

You can contact Worldpay:

💬 Any questions or feedback? There are two ways to get in touch:

Thank you! 🕺

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