If one of your bookers has cancelled their booking, Bookwhen will automatically show them as requiring a refund on your Bookings tab. You'll notice Bookwhen highlights the refund value in red.

Bookwhen won't automatically refund a booker when you or they cancel a booking; to give you complete control over your bookings. This means you manually control when a booker receives a refund and how much is refunded.

This article covers:

How to perform a refund

If you'd like to perform a refund for a booking:

  • Head to your Bookings tab

  • Select the booking you'd like to action a refund for by selecting the booking reference code:

  • On the right-hand side, select the View payment link:

Selecting this link takes you through to this payment on the website of your chosen payment provider. You may need to log into your payment gateway account.

You can then process the refund:

Refunding via Stripe

Refunding via PayPal

Refunding via Worldpay

Instead of refunding your booker, you may decide to transfer their ticket or provide the booker with credit in the form of a unique discount code.

Recording a refund within Bookwhen

Issuing a refund through your payment gateway doesn't translate to the booking on Bookwhen. If you'd like to record a refund within Bookwhen, you'll first need to cancel the ticket or booking (depending on what needs to be cancelled):

Once cancelled, you will have the option to Record refund:

Once selected, you will then be able to record the Refund amount, when it was Received on, the Payment type, and a space for any Notes you may wish to add that may come in handy for future reference:

The Refund amount section is handy if you would only like to refund partially.

How to record a partial refund within Stripe

How to record a partial refund within PayPal

How to record a partial refund within WorldPay

⚠️ Please note: Recording a refund from within Bookwhen won't trigger anything within your payment gateway provider. You will always need to refund manually through them to refund your booker.

Worldpay refunds

From 14th October 2022, Worldpay began an update of their payment gateway, which means that there are two concurrent ways to issue refunds.

How you issue refunds will depend on the date the payment was taken from your booker and when you migrated to the new gateway. If you have recently migrated and started to take payments via the new Worldpay payment gateway (Cybersource), you will need to issue refunds through your new Enterprise Business Centre dashboard.

Any payments taken before your migration date would have been collected via the old Worldpay payment gateway (WPOP). You will need to issue refunds for existing payments through your old WPOP account. This will be available until the 28th of November 2022, after which WPOP will be closed and access revoked.

✨ If you have any questions, please get in touch with the support team via live chat or email at support@bookwhen.com

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