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Payment settings
Payment settings

How to determine the settings relating to payments and payment providers

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✨ Please note: You cannot take payments with the Free plan. Payments are available on the Lite plan or above.

This article covers:

How to find your payment settings

To locate your Payment settings, select the Settings drop-down from the left-hand menu, then Payments:

From here, you can determine the conditions surrounding your customers' payments, such as the online payment provider of your choice (Stripe, WorldPay, or PayPal), offline payment conditions, and refund policy.


To receive online payments through us, you must ensure that you have integrated with a payment provider, either Stripe, Worldpay or PayPal.
Select the Setup button next to your chosen service to initiate the process to link your provider with Bookwhen:

πŸ’‘ Please ensure you have signed up for an account with your chosen service before doing this.


You can decide by what means you will receive an offline payment (e.g., cash, bank transfer, cheque, etc.). To set this up, select Edit in the Offline payments section:

And add your terms in the Instructions for offline payments field:


You can select the currency in which your Bookwhen page will operate (please ensure that this is compatible with your chosen payment provider).

To do this, select Edit:

Then select the currency from the drop-down list before selecting Save changes:


Tax percentage

You can determine a Tax percentage in your payment settings which will add a percentage cost to your future bookings.

  • If your prices account for tax, you can leave this as zero.

The tax will be applied to all payments processed through the payment provider. It doesn't use the provider's tax calculation; instead, we calculate it and add it to the total collected by the provider.

πŸ’‘ When checking the tax paid, remember that Bookwhen breaks down a booking into ticket cost, added tax, and total cost. However, this breakdown won't show directly when viewing a payment directly through your payment provider.

Refund policy

We recommend that you enter a Refund policy within payment settings by selecting Edit

under Payments:

Add your refund policy in the Refund policy field:

Then select Save changes. "Refund policy" shows as a link at the footer of your page:

Once selected, customers can view the refund policy on your page:

πŸ’‘ Please note: Some payment providers require a refund policy. Learn the requirements for taking payments online.

πŸ’¬ Any questions or feedback? There are two ways to get in touch:

Thank you! πŸ•Ί

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