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Adding GDPR consent fields to your booking forms
Adding GDPR consent fields to your booking forms

Learn how to gather consent from your customers

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You can capture a customer's consent for your privacy policy or marketing correspondence by adding consent fields to your booking form.

This article covers:

Locating the Booking field settings

Select Settings from the left-hand menu in your account, then Booking fields. From here, scroll down to the Booking details section:

There is a pre-existing field for agreeing to your privacy policy and marketing under the Booking details section:

Creating a new consent field

You can create further consent fields by selecting Add a new field type in the top right-hand corner:

From here, name the field under Field label:

Select Checkbox - for capturing consent under the Field data type:

๐Ÿ’ก Without this field type, the system won't recognise it as a consent field.

You also have the option to add further information, upload attachments and decide where you'd like to capture this information, whether that be by each attendee, the overall booking or individual tickets:

If you'd like to add these to all of your entries, select Add to all entries, then Update field:

Uploading attachments

You can add attachments to your fields, which is handy for lengthier privacy policies.

To do this, select Upload under the Attachment heading to upload your file, or choose an existing uploaded file using the drop-down menu:

By default, the system sets the privacy policy field as mandatory when added to your booking forms (so it must be ticked to proceed with the booking). However, the marketing consent field will not be mandatory by default.


You can export a report for your responses. To do this, select the Bookings tab from the left-hand menu, then Options. From here, select Export attendances:

โœจ You can also view this data on the Customer list.

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