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Setting up booking forms for children's activities
Setting up booking forms for children's activities

How to safeguard a child's data and comply with regulations like GDPR

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When scheduling events for children, it's important to be mindful of the data you collect. Children's information is specially protected under GDPR.

Our booking forms are flexible and fully customisable, and your responsibility as the Data Controller is to only request necessary details.

This article covers:

Setting up your booking form for children's activities

We use the attendee email field to identify adult customers. For children without email addresses, you adjust the setting in the booking form settings of your entry to indicate their attendance.

To do this, select the entry from your schedule, then Edit entry:

From here, select the Booking form tab, then Yes under Will children be attending?:

These settings let the system know whether attendees might be a child or not and will ask for clarification from the customer when checking out:

We do not request an email address for children. Instead, the booking contact email will show on the booking and in reports.

Changing the field title

You can change the Is this attendee a child? text on the booking fields setup page by selecting Settings from the left-hand menu, then Booking fields.

Select Edit next to the field:

From here, you can change the Field label. Once completed, select Update field at the bottom of the page to save your changes:

💡 To note: We update customer data to distinguish child data from adult data.

Child only events

If you offer a child-only event, you may wish to log this on the system using the Is it a child-only event? option.

✨ You should tick this box if all the spaces available for the event are children.

If parents/guardians are accompanying children at the event but not taking up spaces at your event, this would still be a child-only event. Alternatively, you can remove the attendee email requirement entirely.

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