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Understanding booking form fields

An explanation of the available field data types and how you should use them

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On Bookwhen, there are three types of booking form fields available which capture different types of information:

  1. Attendee: For each attendee on the booking (e.g. name, email, etc.).

  2. Booking: For the entire booking, regardless of the number of attendees (only appear once).

  3. Ticket: Relate to the tickets in a booking (for details specific to the tickets).

This article covers:

Attendee fields

Use attendee fields to gather attendee-specific information. It's helpful to use them whenever possible, as the system saves details for attendees (and their friends) across bookings. Attendee fields are requested individually per attendee in a booking.

  • If you offer child-friendly events, you can set up your forms so that customers booking children can skip the attendee email address requirement.


Booking fields

Booking fields capture general booking information, are not tied to a specific event, and are only asked once, regardless of attendee numbers.

  • For example, you could add a field asking if the customer would like to sign up for a newsletter.


Ticket fields

Use ticket fields to gather details related to selected tickets at each event. These appear per ticket and attendee.

  • For example, if you offer food at an event and would like to provide a menu choice specific to a ticket type, this is a great option, as it's not about the attendees themselves but the ticket they selected.

Field data types

Your selection under Field data type will depend on the kind of information you are trying to collect. For example:

  • Plain text - Single line: Provides your customers with one line to respond in plain text.

    • This is helpful to respond to questions that require answers of only 1-5 words, e.g. "Full name"

  • Plain text - Multiline: Provides your customers with multiple lines to respond in plain text.

    • This is helpful when you require a little more information from your customers, e.g. "Please provide your feedback on the ease of the booking process"

  • Check box: A question your customers can answer by checking a box.

    • e.g. "Please check this box if you wish to borrow a yoga mat"

  • Check box - for capturing consent: For questions of consent. Once a consent field is created and used by a customer, they or you (as the admin) cannot change this.

    • e.g. "Do you consent to your picture being taken when participating".

  • Yes or no option: Provides your customers with a 'yes' or 'no' option to answer.

    • e.g. "Is this your first time attending this event?"

  • Date selection: Your customers can select a date from a calendar to answer the question.

    • e.g. "Please indicate the date when you qualified to participate in this event"

  • Drop-down list: For customers to select an answer from several pre-determined options.

    • e.g. "Would you describe your ability for this activity as beginner, intermediate, or expert?"

  • Multiple choice - pick one only: For customers to select only one answer from several pre-determined checkbox list options.

  • Multiple choice - select from list: Customers have the option to select multiple answers from several pre-determined checkbox list options.

  • Web address (URL): For website address formatted answers only.

    • e.g. "What website are you visiting from?"

  • Email address: For email address formatted answers only.

    • e.g. "Please provide your email address"

  • Phone number: For phone number formatted answers only.

    • e.g. "Please provide your contact telephone number"

  • Address: For address formatted answers only.

    • e.g. "Please provide your home address"

It's a good idea to use a field that helps you validate the information you're requesting wherever possible.

For example, using the Phone number field type when asking for a customer's contact number: 

Special fields

A special field is a field that shows prominently throughout the system and cannot be amended to collect different data than specified.

Bookwhen currently has three types of special fields:

  • Attendee name

  • Attendee email

  • Child attendee (Is this attendee a child?)

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