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How your customers book online
How your customers book online

What your customers will see when they book a place on an event you have created and shared with Bookwhen

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✨ Please note: You can only take payments on the Lite plan or above.

Once you create an event and direct your customers to your Public pages, they can purchase or reserve tickets for your event(s).

This article covers:

How your customers book online

Your public page allows customers to view your schedule:

Example of a public schedule page. Showing the scheduling list and banner and event images.

Step-by-step example:

  1. First, your customer selects their desired date(s) from the schedule page.

  2. Then, they can choose between your ticket options.

  3. After selecting the ticket(s) they require, they can View selections or select the shopping cart button at the top of the page to proceed to checkout:

    Public schedule page example with an arrow pointing at the 'view selections' button, highlighting how customers can view their ticket selections.

  4. The next screen is where they enter any discount codes (if you have created and shared any) to reduce the price of their selection.

    Checkout screen example with an arrow pointing at the 'Enter discount code' field.

  5. Then select the Book now button to proceed to checkout.

πŸ’‘ Customers can select multiple tickets for multiple events in one transaction.

Checkout process

  1. We ask your customer to provide a Booker email address (if set by you in your booking form setup):

    Booker details screen where customers add their email address.

  2. The next step (if they haven't filled out the booking information previously) is to provide additional information via your booking form.

    The information your customer needs to enter depends on your booking form settings. By default, the system asks for the customer's attendee information for adult attendees (this varies for child attendees).

    Attendee details screen where customers add their name and email address.

    ✨ This section can include any questions you have added to your form.

  3. Next is the payment screen. Here, depending on your selection when creating the entry, your customer can view their payment options:

    Payment details screen where customers select their payment option as provided by the user. Including: Pay by card or offline payment.

  4. Once payment has been taken or offline payment terms are acknowledged, your customer receives a booking reference:

    Booking completion screen example, highlighting the booking reference and details.

πŸ’‘ If your customer previously made a booking with a password, they can log in, and the booking form will automatically fill with their previous information. This doesn't work for new fields added later.

After your customer has completed the booking

  1. The system sends a booking confirmation email to the Booker email provided.

  2. Your customer receives an invitation to create a password, which would autofill attendee fields when they return for future bookings.

  3. Your customer can view their booking details and the additional information you entered when setting up the entry.

✨ You can find the booking reference in the Bookings tab of your admin site should you wish to change their booking or review their information.

πŸ’¬ Any questions or feedback? There are two ways to get in touch:

Thank you! πŸ•Ί

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