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Booking statuses explained

Definition of complete booking, checkout booking and cancelled booking

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A booking can hold one of four statuses - Complete, checkout, cancelled and owes.

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A booking is marked as complete once the customer finishes the following within the checkout period:

For free events:

The customer completes any mandatory fields in the booking form and selects Continue

For paid events:

The customer completes any mandatory fields in the booking form


The customer either pays online or agrees to pay later, then selects Complete Booking.

We show the customer the 'Booking Complete' page, and they will receive the confirmation email.

💡 To note: The system will only send the confirmation email (containing the booking reference number) to the customers, attendees and admins once the booking is complete.


A booking enters the 'checkout' phase when the customer selects the Book now button on the public pages.

We will reserve the place(s) for the duration of the 'checkout reservation period' (you can change this in your Booking options). A booking remains in the checkout status even if abandoned.

💡 To note: If a customer completes the booking form but hasn't paid or agreed to manual payment, it will show a 'checkout' status on the 'latest bookings' list on your overview page. These bookings are incomplete and don't take up space, and Bookwhen doesn't send any emails at this stage.

There's no option to 'force complete' a checkout booking and turn it into a completed booking. If the booking wasn't completed within the checkout reservation period, they must start a new booking.

✨ You can learn more about checkout reservation periods here.


A booking can be cancelled by the customer, attendee, or you (the admin) according to the cancellation rules as defined on the booking options page. We will send a cancellation email to the customer, attendees, and admin users.

Once you or the customer cancels a booking, the places will be released to people on the waiting list and then the public (if you have this enabled).


When you (the admin) or the customer (if permitted) cancel a booking and money is owed, the status shows as 'owes.' A booking also shows as 'owes' for those who do not yet have payment recorded.

✨ You can learn more about refunds here.

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