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Booking preferences

This section allows you to determine settings relating to bookings and cancellations.

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You can determine the conditions surrounding your customer's bookings and cancellations.

This article covers:

How to locate your Booking preferences

Select Settings from the left-hand menu, then Booking preferences:


  • This is the duration your customer's spot is held when they start checkout. If, for example, you choose '15 minutes,' your customer has that time to finish checkout before their spot opens up for others again.

Cancellations and transfers

Allow people to cancel their own bookings?

  • As an administrator, you can cancel your customer’s booking anytime. This option allows customers to do this for themselves.

Are pass uses returned on ticket cancellation?

  • Determines whether a pass use is returned upon ticket cancellation.

Cancellation message

  • Choose between a defaulted message of your cancellation settings, or customise your own cancellation message that displays to your customers when they cancel a ticket.

  • As an administrator, you can transfer your customer’s tickets to any other ticket of equivalent (or less) value at any time. This option allows your customers to do this themselves.

Show refund amounts?

Waiting list

Waiting list enabled? - When enabled, this option allows your Bookers to enter contact information so that Bookwhen can notify them if a place becomes available.

(The waiting list is only available on Standard and above plans).


Send reminder emails?

Data retention

This setting is for automatically removing inactive customers. A customer is considered 'inactive' if they haven't booked or attended an event within the specified timeframe.

  • They won't be marked as inactive or deleted if they have unused pass uses.

To note:

  • Bookings will remain intact for reporting purposes, but the system will remove the personal customer data.

  • Deleted customers will not be alerted of the deletion. They can make new bookings and create a new account at any time.

  • A 24-hour grace period is started upon enabling the auto-deletion process, before which the auto-deletion will not occur.

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