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Ticket transfer restrictions
Ticket transfer restrictions

How to limit how many days ahead a customer can request a ticket transfer and whether multiple transfers are allowed

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✨ Please note: Ticket transfers are only available on the Lite plan or above.

You can restrict how far into the future a customer can transfer a ticket and whether multiple transfers are allowed for the same ticket.

This article covers:

How to add transfer restrictions

To add your restrictions, open Settings from the left-hand menu, then Booking Preferences:

Select Edit in the Cancellation section, then tick the Allow ticket date transfers checkbox to view and amend your transfer settings:

Transfers allowed until

  • This is the period that your customers can transfer in before the start date and time of the booked ticket. You can set this as minutes, hours, days, weeks or months.

Restrict transfer window to

  • This setting is how far into the future your customers can transfer a ticket from the date of the booked ticket to a new date. You can set this as minutes, hours, days, weeks or months.

    • An additional box to the right also appears to select the time of day for days, weeks or months. Either box can be left blank to apply no restriction.

Restrict to one transfer per ticket

  • Tick this checkbox to restrict your customers to only being able to transfer their tickets once. Leaving this unticked means customers can then transfer their tickets multiple times.

Allow transfers to different events or ticket types

  • Tick this checkbox to allow customers to transfer their tickets to another event or ticket on your schedule from the originally booked ticket.

Transfer restriction notes

  • You can transfer discounted tickets without restrictions.

    • Please note: The discount will be lost in this process, so the booking status will always show as "owed" with the discount difference. Meaning discount rules applied to bookings can be broken by you (an admin), and they won't return even if you transfer the ticket back to the original date/time.

  • You can transfer single tickets to other single tickets, regardless of cost.

  • You cannot cancel a single-date attendance on a course due to course tickets grouping all dates under 'one' ticket. Below is a workaround

  • Customers can only transfer discounted tickets to other tickets with the same discount.

  • Customers can only transfer tickets to the same value as their existing ticket (or cheaper).

  • Customers cannot transfer discounted tickets when the discount applied has been unpublished or deleted/recreated. You (the admin) can still complete the transfer.

  • Customers cannot transfer exclusive tickets. Only you (the admin) can.

When a customer cannot attend a date on a course

There may be occasions when a customer cannot attend a date on a course ticket that they've purchased. Depending on your settings, you may wish to open up a space for another customer to join.

πŸ‘‰ As course tickets aren't flexible, meaning all dates are grouped together and cannot be managed separately from one another, you can opt to manually adjust the capacity for the singular date the original customer couldn't attend.

πŸ’‘Important note: You'll need to keep the 'cancelled' attendance as an active booking (and don't cancel it), as it will cancel their attendance on each date on the course.

To do this, select the course date from your schedule. There are two ways to do this:

1. Expand the course so that all of the dates appear in your schedule list:

Select the date you'd like to amend, then the drop-down menu next to Edit entry. From here, select Event specific information:

Or if it's an online course, it's Add online joining details:

From here, you can manually adjust the event capacity for this singular date:

The result:

2. Alternatively, select the course entry from your schedule list, then the attendee button πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ next to the date you'd like to amend:

Select the Options drop-down menu, then Event specific information (or Add online joining details if it's an online course):

From here, you can manually adjust the event capacity for this singular date:

This will open up a space for the event and allow an additional customer to purchase a ticket for the singular date.

πŸ’‘ Please ensure you have a drop-in ticket alongside your course ticket so the additional customer can book on.

πŸ’¬ Any questions or feedback? There are two ways to get in touch:

Thank you! πŸ•Ί

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