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Offering credit

How to issue discount codes as 'credits' for customers to use on future ticket purchases

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Please note: Discount codes are available on the Lite plan or above.

There may be instances where you'd like to issue a credit to your customers that they can use for a future booking instead of a refund/transfer.

Offering this guarantees the funds stay with you, and you don't lose the transaction fee, which your online payment provider may not return to you, depending on your provider.

This article covers:

Handling a single cancellation

Depending on your terms and refund policy, you may decide to issue a credit to a customer in the form of a discount code.

Cancellation example

In this example, the customer purchased a £10 ticket for a class that was cancelled. The ticket was also cancelled:

The customer is owed £10 for this booking.

Creating a credit

To create a credit, open Packages & Discounts from the left-hand menu, then Discounts. From here, select Add a new discount set in the top right-hand corner:

You can create a discount set with a helpful name private to you, for example, 'Class cancellation credits'.

Within the discount set, you can create as many discount codes as needed by selecting Add discount codes:

Add your code under Add one or multiple codes, for example "CancelledClassCredit1". This is the code that the customer will use at checkout, and is not case-sensitive, but it can be a good idea to add numbers, capitals, etc., as it appears more 'unique' and customised.

It's also a good idea to tick the Restrict to single use per booker email address box to restrict it so each customer can only use that code once (per email address).

You can also restrict how many times the code can be used using the How many times can the code be used? setting, if you know how many you need (e.g. 1 if it's only for one single customer ever):

👉 This can sometimes be a safer option as it means once it's been redeemed, no one else can use it. You'll need to generate a new code each time you use this setting.

💡 To note: We advise you to keep your codes to a monetary amount. If you were to make a 100% discount code, for example, the system would apply this to the whole basket, meaning that a customer with 10 tickets in their basket would get them all for free unless you restricted the code further.

Handling multiple cancellations

If you've had to cancel multiple classes with multiple bookings, you have two options:

  1. You can issue discount codes per booking total. For example, if a customer has purchased three tickets, each at £5, you could give them a £15 discount code.

    💡 Please note:

    • Customers must use a discount code in one go, i.e. if they book a £5 ticket and use the code, they will lose the remaining £10.

  2. You can add as many discount codes into the discount set as you need to cover the customer with the highest amounts of cancelled tickets.

For example:

In this example, we've created 4 unique discount codes. They could be issued as follows:

A - All customers who have had just one of their tickets cancelled receive the code CancelledClassCredit1

B - All customers who have had two tickets cancelled receive the codes CancelledClassCredit1 and CancelledClassCredit2

C - All customers who have had three tickets cancelled receive the codes CancelledClassCredit1, CancelledClassCredit2 and CancelledClassCredit3 etc

💡 To note: You can't stack discount codes, so each code will need to be used once, on its own, at checkout. If a customer wants to buy three new £10 tickets with their three codes, they will need to do so in three separate bookings.

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