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Creating a membership

Learn how to create a membership and corresponding offer

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✨ Please note: The Membership feature is only available on the Standard Plan or above who are using Stripe as their integrated payment provider.

This article covers:

Before you start

As highlighted in our membership overview, there are three key elements when it comes to creating memberships:

  1. Membership Details: This includes the description, prices, and billing cycle for your membership.

  2. Customer Groups: The group will be automatically created for you with each membership you set up. This is where you set the restrictions and offers for what your customers can receive within the membership. Customers will be added to the group when they purchase the membership.

  3. Exclusive Tickets: Created within your entry, these tickets are only available to customers in the membership group. They can be free or discounted compared to the standard price, depending on your membership offering.

You will need to have all of the above elements set up to offer memberships to your customers successfully.

πŸ’‘ For the quickest setup, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Creating the membership with its price and details.

  2. Set up the exclusive tickets in the relevant entries.

  3. Add the exclusive tickets to the membership offer along with the redemption settings.

Create the Membership

1. Naming and visibility

Select Packages and Discounts from the left-hand menu, then Memberships. From here, select Create a new membership, and a pop-up will appear.

Here, you can:

  • Confirm that the membership is published for public purchase.

  • Name your membership.

  • Choose on which schedule pages it will be available if you have more than one.

For example:

Select Create. This will create the membership and auto-generate the corresponding customer group.

2. Adding a description

Once created, select Edit details to amend the Published status and the title if needed:

You can also add further information and information about your new membership under Membership details:

This shows underneath the title on your public booking page. For example:

3. Adding a price

To set the recurring cost and billing period of your membership, select Add price:

From here, enter the Title for this price option. You can then set the Cost of the membership and set the Billing period for the recurring payment:

You can customise the billing frequency to set weeks, months, or even annually by selecting the appropriate option within the Billing period options.

πŸ’‘To note:

  • When a customer purchases a membership, the billing period will start from the day they purchase it.

    • For example, if you set the membership to be on a monthly billing period and a customer purchases it on the 2nd of the month, the payment will be collected on the 2nd of every month from that point forward.

Editing a price

Once you have created a price, you cannot change the amount you have set or the billing period. You can choose Edit price to amend the title only.

The Membership Offer

4. Creating an exclusive ticket

Now that you have created the description and added the price and billing schedule for your membership, it's time to create the Exclusive tickets.

If you have already done this, please go to the setting of the offer restriction section.
Open your entry settings by selecting the entry from your schedule list, then Edit entry:

Select the Tickets & Costs tab and "Add another ticket type" from the ticket options.

From here you can:

  • Name your ticket

  • Add a cost

    • If you are including the cost of the ticket as part of the recurring membership fee, select "no cost".

    • If you are offering discounted tickets on top of the recurring fee, select "has cost" and add your ticket price.

  • Tick the Exclusive ticket box option, and choose the Membership group (which was automatically created for you earlier) you want to assign this exclusive ticket to:

  • Save the ticket, then head back to your membership within the Membership section, where you can set the offer restrictions and redemption frequency.

πŸ’‘ To note: You will need to follow the above and repeat the ticket creation for all the entries that you want to include in your membership offer

5. Setting the Offer restrictions

After creating the exclusive ticket and assigning it in the previous step, it will now appear listed in the Offers section on your membership overview:

These will all have the default offer restrictions and redemption settings applied.

To change these, select the line to open the offer:

Or the three-dot menu next to the offer, then View offer:

Then the Edit offer button:

The first setting option is Offer enabled; which indicates whether the offer is active or not:

  • This needs to be ticked on for the offer to be available to your membership customers.

Under Restrictions, you can specify who can use the offer:

  • Personal use only: Only the membership owner can book this exclusive ticket.

  • Allow additional attendees: This allows the membership owner to book multiple exclusive tickets, and you can set the maximum number. This is useful for friends and family memberships.

Finally, confirm Restrict number of uses, where you can:

  • Set how many exclusive tickets can be booked under How many uses are allowed? and

  • Whether this is a recurring Ongoing offer.

    • If this is ongoing, you can also set How long is a usage period? This will be the period where the offer resets.

For example, ten exclusive tickets per month:

  • Leave the Restrict number of uses box unchecked for a monthly membership with unlimited access.

Exclusive tickets that haven't been assigned to a group

If you haven't assigned exclusive tickets to a group before setting the offer, follow these steps:

  1. In the membership overview, select Add offer in the offer panel:

  2. Specify restrictions to determine who can use the offer and how many times it can be used:

  3. Next, in the Tickets where offer applies section, tick the schedule page where you want to choose exclusive tickets. You can choose either All exclusive tickets on that schedule page or Select individual tickets.


When you have selected all the tickets that you require, select Create.

πŸ’‘ To note:

  • When you update an offer, it won't apply to existing members, i.e. customers who signed up before the update. The system will always reflect the initial offer your customers signed up for.

πŸŽ‰ After doing all those 5 key steps, your membership is ready to be purchased by your customers!

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