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Booker: Booking a Group ticket
Booker: Booking a Group ticket

Booker article: How to book a group ticket for multiple attendees

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Group tickets permit a booking of more than one attendee on the same ticket. The process for booking slightly differs from a standard or 'single' ticket.

The ticket will show as 'Group ticket for ..." and then how many people you can choose to book.

  • Sometimes, they are set up for a determined number, e.g. five people, and sometimes you can choose how many, e.g. 2-5 people:

Click Select to add the ticket to your basket. If you've selected a ticket where you need to indicate the number of people attending, please use the - and + buttons:

The system will automatically determine how many tickets you need based on the number of attendees you have entered.

When you have chosen the correct number of people for your group, please select View selections to continue:

When you are happy with your chosen tickets and are ready to checkout, you can select Book now:

Each booking requires one 'Booker' email address as the primary contact for the booking.

Any attendee information that the Event Organiser requires must be completed for each attendee included on the group ticket. This could be a name, nothing, or anything the Event Organiser requires.

You can do this by selecting Add another attendee:

You will need to repeat this process until all of the additional attendees' information has been added. The system will not allow you to proceed until all attendees have completed this.

You can then proceed to checkout as you would when purchasing single tickets.

๐Ÿ’ฌ Any questions? Please reach out to your Event Organiser directly.

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