If you accept bookings in person, over the phone or through other channels, you may want to add bookers to your events on Bookwhen to record their details and reflect the event capacity correctly.

This article covers:

How to manually book on behalf of a customer

  1. You will follow the same booking process as your bookers. However, you must log in to your Bookwhen account as an Account Owner or a Schedule Manager. Logging in ensures Bookwhen recognises this as an 'admin booking'.

  2. Then head over to your public page by selecting View public page within your Scheduling page:

  3. You can now add the relevant tickets for your booker into the basket and proceed with the booking by selecting Book now.

  4. As an admin, you can bypass any mandatory booking fields to complete the booking. However, we recommend that you enter the Main booking contact as the booker to identify the booking and also for the system to send the confirmation email to them:

5. The payment will also always be optional, and you may enter an online payment for your booker, record payment by another method, or leave the booking cost unpaid.

6. If you have card details to take payment for the booker, you can do this by selecting Pay by card:

7. If you have already received payment by another method, you can select Yes under Record payment now? field, where you can choose the payment type, and the amount received and record an admin note if required:

8. To complete the booking leaving the payment to be completed later, select the Record payment now? field as No, then Complete booking. Following this guide, you can record that a payment has been accepted at a later date.

💡 To note:

  • Once the booking is complete, you cannot add any additional details, including adding details to booking form fields or adding/amending email addresses. We suggest cancelling the booking and re-booking as the admin, entering the correct email address.

  • There are various ways that bookings completed as an admin/team member differ from those completed by your bookers. You can see the differences in this guide here.

Booking multiple attendees in the same booking

There may be occasions where you need to book multiple attendees in the same booking, for example, a friend group or family.

To do this, add all of the relevant tickets to your basket and follow the steps outlined above. During checkout, you'll have the option to select the 1st Attendee from the drop-down list (for pre-existing bookers), or you can add Someone new:

Once selected, you can choose the 2nd Attendee:

You can then see an overview of the attendees you have selected. If you have made a mistake, select Remove attendee to start again, otherwise, you can proceed to checkout:

Booking on behalf of a Pass or Membership holder

If you need to book an event on behalf of a Pass or Membership holder, you'll need to ensure you select their email address at checkout to redeem a use from the pass or membership offer.

To do this, ensure you select the relevant email from the drop-down list in both the Main booking contact section:

And the Attendee details section:

You can then continue with the normal checkout process, as highlighted above.

How to book customers onto past dates

If you need to book a customer onto an event that has already passed, you'll need to push back the date on your public page.

To do this, select the blue date in the top left-hand corner of your schedule:

Then select a past date, using the arrow to push back the date:

Once selected, your entry appears in the schedule list below. You can then proceed with your booking as normal.

✨ If you have any questions, please get in touch with the support team via live chat or email at support@bookwhen.com

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